Saturday, August 12, 2017

Agility Nationals

I have not been quilting much, too busy with agility. Last weekend Gemma and I were at the AAC National Agility Championships in Langley BC at Thunderbird Show Park. It was the first time I have qualified so I thought we better go.  My Husband and one son came with me. 

My Son took the photos of me and also videoed 5 out of 6 runs for us too. We did well on Saturday with 201 points but on Sunday my brain did not do well. The first course of the day I walked my course incorrect once out of about 12 walks and then on the real run I forgot for .5 of a second and my Gemma took an extra jump. It kind of went down hill from there. I guess my Gamble at the end was OK. We were in the toughest group possible, some 80 plus dogs. Were a 10th of a second decides the placement and if I had been clean I might have placed 24th or so. I am not too fast but my dog can be. 

We did have lots of fun. We saw lots of fast dogs and some great moves and skills they had. 

Gemma is on the left and her relative, Mystic is on the right. It was the first time for both girls. 

The grounds and the flowers were so pretty at Thunderbird. I love these colours.