Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Felted Hat Class

The last three days I have been in a felted hat class with the beautiful and talented Andrea Graham. I really liked her class. She showed us each step so well and the finishing was so nicely done.  

First day I made my template, yes it is very large. This ended up not being the final template I added a brim to the hat after this. I forgot to get any photos on the second day so I missed my layout shot. 

This is kind of a start of the finish. I struggled with this. I was not really liking how it was going. 

I put holes in the dark purple but the pink was not showing very well. Now what? 3 days of work. 

So I ended up rolling the brim. OK now it is getting better. I still had not done anything with the spikes. They look a little crazy still here. 

This was a little sample Andrea did to show us some other options for the embellishing our hats or if we make a bag later. 

The group shot of the hats. So many nice ones. 

Last night I wet down my 3 spikes and clammed them to hold a spiral shape at the end. The hat is mostly dry now. 

Sorry of the bad selfy shots but I wanted to get some photos posted. My hat is done and ready for winter. 

Tonight at 7 pm Andrea is speaking at the Royal Alberta Museum RAM and I am planning on going. We are to bring our hats to the lecture.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Soft Hexagons

I have done a few hexagons with my lighter coloured Kaffe Fassett Collection fabrics. 

#8 Marina, With a rose center 

#35 Sharon, it is not cut as well as some of my others. 

#50 Joanne 
This is the first one of this block I have done. It needed 3 diamonds and 3 plus center hexagons. 

#11 Susan

#32 Marilyn, I love the soften for the foxgloves. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday at Judy's blog

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Finished all 3 quilts!

My mom and I have been working on 3 quilts to give to Fort Mac people who have lot their homes to the wild fires in early May. I can not imagine what they have been through. First running from the flames not know what will happen to their homes or jobs.  I can only hope these quilts can give them a big HUG. 

This quilt was mostly blocks I received from 2 internet swaps that used the Kaffe Fassett collection of fabric. I also made a block for myself with the same pattern I used and sent out to others. I thought this was a very good use for the blocks. So back in May I had a stack of homeless blocks. Now a quilt. 

I started this quilt the weekend the Leduc quilt guild had a big sewing bee for Fort Mac. I used lots of fabric off the donation table. Then I added some of my Hawaii fabric too.  It has turned out very cute. 

I did the machine quilting for all three and my mom did the binding and labels for all three. We make a good team. 

This quilt was mostly pieced by my Mom. I had a stack of 16 patches and 4 patches left from a old project. There was enough blocks still to make another quilt. It is the 3rd one like this. It is beautiful and soft.