Saturday, May 4, 2019

Nine Patch Strings

The start of my blocks. 

Oh dear I have started a new quilt. On one of my favorite face book group Scrap Quilt Enthusiats, someone showed a quilt made with many strings. 
It had a nine patch in the center and worked out like log cabin or even courthouse step kind of blocks. I think the nine patch was 5 white and 4 black. With out thinking about it I did mine 5 Black and 4 white squares for the nine patch. 
It works. 

I have been sorting some of my strings. I think I had five or six places to go digging. 

My Pretty Pony. He will turn 20 later this year. His back is still looking good and strong. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Snow Dyed

We have very little snow left but back when we had some a friend and I did a quick bit of snow dying. My friend's 2 pieces of fabric in the snow bank.

My fabric in the snow bank.

Mine fabrics on the left side and my friends 2 are on the right side.