Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pink Scrap Saturday

I worked hard to get the Pink log cabin blocks done. They are a 7 1/2" block when finished and they have 29 strips of fabric used. I have been paper piecing them so when I am done I also have papers to take out the back side. I am so in love with this cute blocks. I try to use a few lights that have a bit of pink in them too, so many pink fabrics. 

I have 8 done in total. I am so looking forward to a quilt made with so many log cabin blocks. 

Scrappy Play Time

I have picked a date for my next class. I am teaching another class of Scrappy Play Time on Zoom. I have a few quilt friends interested in another class. So I am teaching Monday night Feb 15th 7 MT and then the main class Saturday Feb 20th 9 am till 4 pm MT time zone. The class will be on Zoom so anyone around the world can join us. Cost is $35.00 so a good price. Email me or comment if you would like to join or are looking for more information. I will be making up my supply list soon and will start to take fund right away for the class.  There will be so much fun scrappiness !

Next up is the square in a square in pink. These are also done like log cabin but I keep the same fabric all the way around. I used 1 1/2" strips to do these. I made 5 starting with the light pink and ending with dark. Then another 5 starting dark and ending light. I could see doing a one colour quilt like this. I am going to keep making different colour this year. 

So here is the month's quilt blocks done. I love a full wall of one colour. These are my favorite photos of my blocks. Looking back at all one colour and se many different blocks.  

I have a few more blocks to do today, using up some 2" squares. I found a hole in a group of blocks and they need some pink 16 patches done. So I guess I am not quiet done with pink yet. I also have some pinwheels to work on too. I need a pinwheel baby quilt soon. 

I have added my post to Soscrappy and if you want to see what others are working on go see the link up page for many more bloggers post about Scrap Saturday. 


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Teaching Scrappy Play Time

Wow I love this quilt. Today, I am going to teach 20 ladies how they can use their scraps and make this quilt. Or they can work towards another scrap quilt. This class is done on zoom and should be a ton of fun, I have a slide show full of ideas. 

 This quilt was started in 2012 because of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and the Soscrappy blog. I have had years of fun with my scraps because of the challenge. Now I am spreading the word about rainbow scraps. and how you can store and use your fabrics. Monday night we had a 1 hour zoom meeting and I told them about sorting and storing scraps. 

If you are interested in taking my class, I am planning to teach this class again by zoom. I still need to pick a date, maybe February 20th. But please contact me by sending me an email and I can add you to the list. 

So this month we are working on our Pink scraps I have some strings sorted and ready to use. I need a t least as much of the light fabrics too. 

I have a few Log Cabin blocks started. I hope to have them finished by the end of the month, So just a peak at them so far. I am paper piecing them, the logs are 1/2" wide.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wool socks

Well that was fast! I started these socks in early Jan and got them finished in about 2 weeks. I am sure that is the fastest I have done a pair. It also shows how much TV I have watched the last 2 weeks. I love this pair the pinks and greens twisted around and made a cool pattern. Only while working the heal did it go more random like. 

So just before that pair was done I picked up this same brand of yarn. The colour changes are very quick and so the colour is scrabbled for sure. Sometimes you knit 2 or 3 stitches and then you get a different colour. I got both these yarns at Blackbird Yarn store in Leduc, they were a good price too under $12 for 100 grams, wool and nylon mix. 

I also have to do sock repair. Not as much fun. I first wear out the ball of the foot near the toes. If I have the leftover yarn I re knit the toes. After a wear and wash you can not tell. How ever, the bottom of the heals go next and that is harder to fix. Both of these socks need new toes. I have a darning egg that I picked up years ago just to have, but I use it all the time now that I have socks to fix. I use the egg to pick up stitches for repair or to darn a wear hole. 


Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 Temperature Quilt

 Block 1 of my Temperature Quilt for 2021, just made, hot off the pressing mat.  I have been planning this for almost 2 weeks now, changing my mind and changing the fabrics.  I have all my fabric picked and a plan with the flying geese blocks.  These blocks will measure 5 by 2 1/2" when finished in the quilt. So 5 1/2" by 3" unfinished. I will plan to point the goose up with no rain and down with rain or snow. So far Jan 13 is the only day this year with a touch of snow. 

I got a real nice section of 12 batik fabrics from my mom for Christmas. So I used many of the fabrics. The Jan 1st block has two of the fabrics. 

I then dug out my batik prints and had so much fun picking them out. I have a 1/2 meter of each fabric and some I have a full meter. I hope it will be enough. The real dark purples are to extra cold temperatures, down to -40, we might see a few of those nights. Each fabric is 3 C. The almost white/blue print next to green is my -1C to -3C. and I wanted it to be frosty like. 

The greens are the temperatures where we will be seeing some green in the world, at least if the night is above that. These bottom hot pink fabrics might not even get used. There is not many days we are over 30C around here. So maybe we will see a few pinks in the middle of the quilt. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Grassy Creek

I have been doing Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt for many years now. I love doing the fall mystery that finishes up around the new year. I have more of them undone then mysteries finished. A few are quilt tops, and many are blocks done but need to sew more. 

Well I did ok but I still have so much to do yet. Top photo is steps 1 and 2 done and a part of step 4 on the far left. I liked all the colours but the grey. I just could not see doing a quilt with 3 yds of grey, so I changed the grey to Purple. 

Steps 3 and 4 I only have a few done. So this step tripped me up. I need to read better. I am redoing many of them and got to know my seam ripper very well on these steps. 

I so far have not done step 5 but love the strings in step 6. So I have part 6 well on the way. So much purple. But better then grey. 

I have many sewn and a good stack that need the iron. I did not use the paper. Now there has been the big reveal on Bonnie's site, but I am sure it will take me to the end of the month before I am sewing blocks together. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Pink Scrappy


Planning to join in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. It has been a few year since I played along. To start with I made the Sister's Choice block that Anglia also made last week. 

If you want more ideas for your scraps You should check out the links to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. There are so many more links to see and so many great ideas.  

I had many of the units cut and ready to go so they went together for me very quickly. I might make one more before the month is done. 
This Month the Colour is Pink. I have many pink scraps and my box is well sorted. 

Also this week I built pink pinwheel blocks. They will finish up as 4". I am in need of a finished baby quilt by March, a gift for a friend. 

All the Pink I did this week.

 I am kind of a day behind, but yesterday I zoomed with some of my local quilt friends. It also got my mom to join us for a bit. Next week I will try to be on Saturday and not Sunday. 

I will need more pinwheel blocks before the end of Feb so I went ahead and made Red, Green and Purple pin wheels to add to the pink ones. I know I am not following just so for the rainbow challenge but I need more done soon. This should be around half the blocks done. I have not thought what size and I am ok with extras, I might make 2 quilts. 

So The other pink in my house this week is this Pink Amaryllis. I had a bright red one for Christmas but started this one two weeks later. I have a 3rd bulb that is at least another 2 weeks behind, so maybe by the end of the month I will have another one. I hope to keep the plant growing for the 8 months then hope I can get it to bloom again next year.  

Friday, January 8, 2021

Socks Started

 I started another pair of socks. This yarn is knitting up so pretty. I loved the colours and thought it was going to be much more random. But look at the twist of colours I am getting. I makes me think of gardening and some of the flowers I might plant. I should say I got this yarn at Blackbird Knitting and Embroidery They are local to me, in the nearest city, Leduc, AB, right on main street. It was a good price too, under $12.00. 

I have joined some local garden pages. We get a lot of winter and cold, so we are some of the last to put our plants out. This year I will start a few plants inside. We also are planning a green house for the early days of spring. Below are 2 of my large pots from this past year. 

Planting a garden is having HOPE. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Quilt Journal


I have been very aimless this past year with my personal sewing. Like so many of you, I sewed masks for months. I bought fabric and cut and sewed so many masks. I have no idea how many but a few hundred for sure. But I do not want to talk about Masks today. 

How can I get back to my personal sewing. Well keeping track, having goals and writing down my ideas. It has been January 2017 since I wrote out a list in one of my journals. I had moved to a on line tracking. But it is not working for me. I might keep the on line list to help track what I finished because the photos can stay there. But I need paper and pen. I need the little sketches that I do not get with a computer. My computer was also not in my sewing room the past 2 years. So how was I to keep track. 

So I started this week. I had new book and started the lists. Got out my coloured pens. I printed off a table I wanted, glued it in. I already have a few pages full. Maybe I will also print of more photos this year too, I have a colour printer working now. So between my journal and and my blog I hope to get some quilting done. 

I also think I will an to do more with the Scrappy Rainbow Challenge. I have so many blocks done and many things in parts. Also I need to make a few baby quits and I want them rainbow. So I will do a post about some rainbow blocks on Saturdays again. 

Also planning a temperature quit for the year. I show more later. It will be my first one. Not sure yet what I am doing. My mom is also thinking of doing one too. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Christmas Re-cap

My mom, Betty, made this quit top and I machine quilted it. We then gave it to a special young lady who has been with hanging out with our family. 

I made up double sets of pillow cases. Good thing, one son washed an older one Monday and it wore out with holes. The white and teal set went with the quilt. 

My brother and his wife got a set of hand knitted mittens from me. I had done mittens for my brother about 23 years ago. He has had others but was asking for hand knitted mittens again. My Grandmother on my dad's side always did mittens for us kids. She also taught me how to knit just some real basic stuff, case on and off and knit and pearl. She has been gone for over 30 years now.  

Succulent Tree. I saw a post on Face book with a few photos showing how to put a tree together. I have tons of these one crazy succulents.  They always get so long necked so I am forever trimming them and replanting them. I have learned it is a lack of light but I still have not plugged in a grow light.  Well I cut them off and used them. The tree is a chicken wire cone stuffed with moss and then add all the plants. I mist it down every few days. I will soon plant them. I have checked on a few and many are growing roots and will be ready to put in dirt. 


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Woolly Socks


I finished these socks up in mid December, for me to wear. The yarn is a 75% wool and 25% nylon Sock-Ease by Lion Band Yarns. I had hand dyed the yarn before I did the knitting. 

I quickly started this set of socks with this yarn. I had bought this yarn at a sewing show more then a year ago. I love the rainbow colours. 

Well last night I got the final toe finished. They are so pretty. I wish I had more socks with this yarn. It is also wool and nylon. 

On the weekend I washed up many of my socks again. I have a few to repair as I wear out the bottom at the ball of my foot. I currently have about 27 pairs of wool socks that are hand knitted. They are extra special to wear.