Saturday, August 24, 2013

Red Saturday Night Scraps

Two weeks ago I showed off some Red scraps, while in the past two weeks I got more done. First off is the flying Geese blocks. One short of 50. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy's RSC 2013 linky page for today. 

I also got the little 16 patches done. They measure 6 1/2" sq. I love how the red twinkles. 

I just got back from Horse camp. We take the horses to the mountains and camp and trail ride all day long. So much fun. I took my Hexagons with me and got some hand sewing done. So a few more flowers to show. 

My Leaders and Enders spools are coming a long. I found one last Blue Green spool from last month. 

I also got a few apples done. I found this pattern last fall but now the cutting is all missing. So I had to recreate them. Next I hope to do some apple cores. 

Here is a quick photo of me and my horse. I will get the photos from my husband and show you more. I forgot to take my camera so he took all the photos. So far this is all I have seen. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red Scrap Saturday

I have been camping this week. It rained all one day, so I sewed by hand. I got started on my Red Hexagon flowers. I got a few crazy red prints. 

I got a few more Blue Turquoise flowers done last month but forgot to show them off.  

I also had some Yellow ones I got done last month. Here is about 6 weeks of Hexie flowers all together. 

I have been sorting my red. I got a few spool blocks done. 

I have linked up with Soscrappy.

So when travelling we had to go to a few quilt shops too. We made a stop in Windfield, were I got the light dots, pink and dark blue dots. I got the Red and light blue dots in Rockymountain House at the shop in town. I have plans to use the light dots (2m) for some Rainbow scrap challenge project next year. We will have to start looking for more to do.