Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Sunshine Yellow

My yellow wall so far this month, as we come to the end of the month. I might not have gotten a ton of yellow used up but I still have a pretty full design wall of stuff. So happy to finish up the pinwheel top. I have more pinwheels to use for the next baby quilt. Sister's choice and the square in a square blocks are done. 

We are very sunny here today but a bit cold out. It is to warm back up for Monday March. In like a lamb, out like a lion. 

I still need to do more. Many yellow strings ready to use still.

I have a small start on my log cabin blocks. They are still so tiny. Maybe today I can get more done on them. Many more rows to go around. 

Hay did you here we get to work with Green for March! I have so much green! It really is a colour we use a lot of. To see what everyone is doing to finish up their Yellow go check out the links at Soscrappy

I sent this quilt in the mail yesterday. I am sending it a fire victim that lost everything including his agility dogs. What else do quilter's do but send a quilt like a big hug. 

This quilt was made as a challenge from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge a few years ago. We were asked to use our Dark prints that were hard to fit in a colour. The pattern is from Karen of Griska Quilts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Pair #4, I got this pair of socks done in record time. I think it was just under 2 weeks. But it was also the coldest of the year the past two weeks. So it is really a statement about how much TV I watched in those two weeks. I am very happy with this pair. 

So my last 3 pairs of socks all lined up. I have not worn any of them yet. I will soon. But this is the 3rd pairs I started and finished since the new year. 2 months and 3 pairs of socks done. I finished a pair at the beginning of Jan and they are not here, but I started them in Dec. 

I am wearing my socks everyday, the store bought ones just do not do it for me these days. I am wearing them out. Every time I wash them I find a few pairs that needs repair. If I really rip open the toe I re knit the toes. I think my mom did this pair for me and I do not have any left over yarn. So new yarn had to be used. I got this hot pink for repairs. One done one left to do. 

This is the next new pair started. The yarn is so pretty, made based on a the colours of Claude Monet. It is knitting up very nicely. I guess we will see how long they will take me to do. I think it was Sunday night when I case on the stitches. This is the start of pair 4 for the year. 

Next pair might have to be some hand dyed yarn. We will see, might need to dye some yarn. 


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Scraps, some yellow


I am teaching today. Scrappy Play Time. I had my bounce ball quilt as the main project but I also had this Friendship Star block as another option to do. Well I got to work on making three blocks into a table runner. Here is a start. 

Sorry my scraps are not yellow this week, but my students needed to see this done and how it went together. 

Check out what others are doing with their Yellow scraps this week. Soscrappy has a great link up going on. 

I had done this Christmas runner a few years ago, on the right. And I knew it would be quick to do the same layout but using the Friendship Star blocks. So here it is done just a bit before bed time. 
My class students will be getting notes on how I made this runner. 
It still needs quilting and binding but it feels good to have another top done. 

My good friend Nadine did a yellow friendship star block this week. She is having fun working on her scraps too. She has asked me to post her block. 

Nadine also got this large quilt top done. I did a class a few years ago on Many Trips Around the World. Nadine took the class and has now done a few Many Trip quilts. I love that it got done on the month we were working on our yellow. She has all kinds of old scrap fabrics. She says some of the fabrics were from panels and change a bit as you cut down the strip. 

Great Finish Nadine! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Piggy and Tulips

Slowly I get another block or two done on my Farm girl Vintage quilt. I really just wanted to do this block. I love the background fabric, Pigs! How could I not put some of this fabric in the quilt. I should use it a few more times as the background. I got it at Country Stitches out in Windfleild AB. A quilt shop worth taking a road trip for. 

Both these blocks finish up to 6" in size. Both are also from the second book 

Up next was Cheerful Tulips  I think I made the block while I was on a zoom meeting with the guild. I did not have a job and did not need to talk so I was muted and did some sewing. 
I also get texting with my friend Nadine sometimes also with Pam. But they have jobs at those meeting. I laugh as we are a little like the bad girls at the back of the room texting. 


Monday, February 15, 2021

Milagro Workshop


On Saturday I spent my day taking a class on Zoom. The teacher was Dawn Piasta of Dewpoint Arts from Manitoba. The class was set up by the Edmonton and District Quilter's guild. We had a nice group of members signed up. I think I knew most of the ladies in the class. 

My sampling is the first photo. We ironed the fabric to freezer paper so that it stays in place better. We used water, Aloe and then a paint medium, I had goldens GAC 900.  I did some outlining with a Frixion pen for some outlining, and then I also sampled the Pigma pen. So some lines disappear and some stay. The Pigma pen did run in some places. 

We used the Dewent Inktease Pencils and Blocks. I did not have these but my mom had the two sets. So I got to use her pencils. They were new and I got to use them first, Thanks Mom

After sampling I got to work on this little deer, it was one of the images Dawn gave us to use in class. I used the frixion pen to do my lines. I spent time blending my colours a little. I made him red and orange mostly because the pencil set had a nice run. 

Here is my finished animal. I used the heat to set the colours and get rid of the lines. 

I could see using these to make some pretty fancy quilt labels. Or maybe a sweet little wall quilt that kind of looks like appliqué but is not. Dawn sometimes uses her drawing as appliqués too. The pencils can be used for little art landscape too. So many things to do. 

Sunday I took a second class form Dawn. I have not taken any photos yet. You will have to wait. I have a busy week and today is not a day off, I teach a bit tonight and have lots to do before that, and have a long list of work things to do. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

2nd Yellow Scrap Saturday

I got the top together. I am so happy to finish the quilt top. It is a baby quilt and the baby is due in March. This is the first quilt top I have finished in the past 15 months. Yes, a long time for me. But I still have to quilt and bind it. 

I used some 1 1/2" strings to do these blocks. I did 5 that started with a light yellow and finish with a darker yellow. then 5 the other way. so a total of 10 blocks. The blocks measure 7 1/5" unfinished size. 

So my wall looks like this for now. 

Nadine (my good Friend) is joining us with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. These are her yellow blocks she got done this week. She loves sunflower fabrics and has a few prints with yellow. 

Nadine and I were zooming and sewing together on Sunday with a few of our local sewing friends. 

I will add my post to the other yellow Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021 over at Soscrappy. 

I am taking a zoom class today called Creative Expressions workshop : Milagro with Dawn Piasta It is hosted by the Edmonton and District Quilter Guilds. I let you know how that goes. Sunday is also a class on Bojagi/ Pojagi or Modern Korean Patchwork. 


Friday, February 12, 2021

Teaching Bouncing Ball

Scrappy Play Time Class on Zoom

Next week I am teaching Scrappy Play Time, my class about making bouncy ball and building up crumb blocks, to make this block and/or the star block. 

Happening on Zoom, me in my sewing room, you in your sew space. no packing up

Monday Feb 15, 7 pm Mountain zone 1 hour lecture about sorting and storing scraps. 

 Saturday Feb 20th all day 9 am till 4 pm Mountain time zone is the main class.

Cost is $35.00 I still have room for a few more people to join. It is not too late. 

In class we will talk about crumb blocks and what we need to make these units. 
I will have a large hand out to support my zoom class. You will get the hand out before the Monday lecture and you can follow along with your notes. 
Saturday I have a power point to show you.  I include many of my scrap quilts I have done over the years. 

Then in class on Zoom you can make the Bounce Ball block or the Friendship Star block. We can get you started towards making a full sized quilt like my bounce ball or maybe you want some thing smaller. A table runner with star blocks has been one idea I show in class. Once you know how best to use your scraps there are so many possibilities. 

Email if you would like to know more. I have a supply list ready to email out. 


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sock Pair #3

I have my 3rd pair of socks done for the year. Wow I guess I am knitting lots this winter. I still have the end to tuck away. 

I started these back about Jan 19th, using this yarn. We have a sweet little yarn store in Leduc now. So I can quickly get nice sock yarn. The store is called Blackbird Knitting and Embroidery and is on main street. Her prices are very good too.  

Here is the next yarn started already. Rainbow I love it. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

WIP Grassy Creek

Wednesday in Progress, WIP, This is where I am at with the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I am just starting step 5 and these little 9 patches. They are cute. I love how my greens and oranges are looking together. I still have the other units to cut for step 5, I only started step 5 on Sunday this week. Yes I am behind, many have their tops done. Slowly I go. 

Step 1 is the Yellow triangles, and it was to be grey but my grey is now purple, they are all done and counted. My step 6 all the purple strings is getting closer to be done. I have been kind of using them as leaders and enders, go get the small triangle on the string units. I do not have to thing about it too much. 

Oh these steps, 3 and 4. These steps are hard. This is where I am slow. I have lots to still do here. I had to do some redoing. I now have 8 sets that are nice. but I am a long ways yet. 

I will have to do some more work on this. Might get a little more done this week on it. 


Saturday, February 6, 2021

Yellow Scrap Saturday


Sister's Choice blocks were the first to do on my yellow list of blocks. Some of the yellow triangles get kind of lost but maybe that makes the blocks sparkle more. 

Then the next big one of the list was Yellow Pinwheels. I want to have a baby quilt done soon so I needed these. 

I kept going and made more pinwheels, this time in Orange, Turquoise and Blue. So many Pinwheels. 

Next was to lay out my blocks. I have this up on the wall ready to sew together. I am hosting a zoom sew day for the Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild today. I still get so sew.  Getting this top sewn together is my goal for the day. Then I will move on to more yellow. 

Last Saturday I was still not done all my pink. I have been looking though all my blocks and seeing if I have some colours missing, or just need a few more blocks to lay out a top. I needed these 16 patch blocks in Pink, So I got 9 blocks done. 

Then while I still had some pink on the wall, I added the last few blocks. Here is my final wall of Pink for January 2021. I also did 2 more sister choice blocks. I have no idea how many blocks I need to a sister's choice quilt. 

Nadine's Blocks 

My good friend, Nadine, has plans to follow along with us at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year. She has asked me to post her blocks on my blog for her. This past month she got two pink blocks done. One is Broken dishes, she chose this block because she has broken a few mugs and glasses this month.  I am so happy to have her join me in the adventure of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. 

I will get this post linked up with Soscrappy. Check out what else everyone is working on. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Scrappy Play Time


I am planning to teach this class again, Feb 15th is a a lecture for 1 hour at 7 pm. Then the main class is Feb 20th from 9 am till 4 pm mountain time zone. I will be doing this class on Zoom from my sewing room. I have done the class twice before and it all ran well. There were some good advantages to the zoom class, I could just grad stuff from my room to show you. You did not have to pack up any stuff, but stay in your sewing space. 

I have 6 students signed up now so if you are interested please email me. You can be anywhere in the world and join us. I take a max of 20 students. My time zone is Mountain. 

You can do the ball blocks or the star block. I will show you how I work with my scraps to make up these blocks. If you are fast some students get a sample of both blocks done in class. I will show you an idea for a table running in class so you can try this and not have to make a large quilt like Bounce Ball.

I also show you so many ideas I have done using my scraps. I hope to inspire my students to do so many different blocks and quilts.   

The Monday night will be mostly about sorting and storing your scraps so that they are easier to use quickly. Now that my scraps are under control I can quickly get out scraps and make a few blocks. It took tons of time to sort and get my scraps under control. Now I find my boxes so easy to find what I need for so many projects. 

Here is a block made by one of my students, Nadine. I love the variety of blues she has used. I am a real fan of whites that have a little colour and her background white is prefect.  

Cost of the class is $35.00 and I am now taking students. Please send me a message with your questions. 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage


So a few years ago I started making some blocks from Farm Girl Vintage. The book as being raffled off and I did not win the book, my friend Nadine won the book. But I bought my own copy and made a few 6" block. While Nadine and Pam, another friend, and I have decided we want to work on blocks together. So this fall we got started. I had some blocks done already, like the cherries, strawberries and the kettle. So we have been chatting with each other as we work on blocks and send out many text messages. I wish we could sew together, in person. 

Nadine uses her dice to roll for which block we are doing next. This is kind of fun, except I am now behind. Nadine uses her multi sided dice. Last Fall I got the cute house block done. I love that I was able to get the two black labs in the windows. My dogs are Dolly and Gemma, both black labs. 

Also this fall I got this cowgirl boot done. I had a pair of blue boots for dancing when I was at University. All the dances where western style, so boots were good. 

So I have a list of 20 blocks to do and only 13 blocks on the list done. I guess I have a few to do to get caught up. 

The books. Nadine and Pam were so sweet and got me the copy of book 2. I guess as a more experienced quilter they felt they wanted to show me how much I have helped them. So sweet and thank you ladies. We might also have another friend join us, not sure if she bought the books yet or not. 

We will see if I can get a few blocks done again. I will post when I do get more done.