Saturday, July 27, 2013

Last Saturday for Teal

This week I worked on more teal scraps. I got 9 blocks done using 2" scraps. I love this colour. 
I added this to Soscrappy's Linky Party

I also did the blue 16 patch blocks I missed in May. I had the 2" squares cut but did not find the time in May to sew them together. 

Also got June's yellow 16 patches done.

I then worked on the April's Green 16 patches too.

I then worked on catching up on the coin strips too. Pink from January, Green from April and Blue from May. I think coin strips and 16 patch blocks are all caught up now. 

Today I hope to work on some more teal. These bits are to be butterflies. I need to do a little more teal still. I just love this colour! 

This week I got more done because I was sewing up stairs in front of the TV in the evening. I got out this old machine I bought last year. I finished cleaning and oiling. I had it just dripping in oil. It needed it. It is a 1948 gear driven singer in a cabinet. It was the first time I have sewn with it and I am very happy with it. I spent the week watching Downton Abby season 1. I love the third show. English Fox hunting and good looking men. I may have to watch that one again. 

I made Coconut, Poppy seed, Lemon muffins today. I found them on Pinterest and have now made them 3 times. I added the toasted sweet coconut flacks on top.  Here  is the link. Let me know if you try them. I love them.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blue Green Scrappy Saturday

I have a few flying geese done this week for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013

And as Leaders and Enders I got a few more spools done. I still have a few more to sew before I can consider sewing them together. I really need Red ones.

I have six more coin strips done. The first two are very blue/green, then lighter blues and pink. I needed to get caught up. 

I have added today's post the to linky party over at Soscrappy, head over to see what others are doing with their scraps.

I have not mailed out my other nine slabs yet. I got one more done. I just had to send a pink one. I now have 10 slabs for the southern Alberta / Calgary floods. 10 slabs is half a quilt. I think it takes 20 blocks to make one quilt. Now to send them out. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Spools All Around

Last summer I started these little spool blocks. Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville challenged us to join in and make some spools as a Leaders and Enders project. Now after a year or so, she is hosting a Linky Party  for us to show off our Spools. I have many piles of blocks and took a few minutes to put some on the design wall to show you. This was maybe 1/4 of the blocks. 

I have also been sewing scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013. So I cut each colour for the month and placed them in this little fabric bowl. Two challenges at one time. 

Here is the draw full of blocks. They measure 3 1/2". If you want to make some yourself you can find the pattern from Bonnie Here

Or maybe you want to start the next Leaders and Ender challenge. You can find the Split Nine Patch Pattern Here.  I am not sure I will do this one. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Antique Quilt Field Trip

Tuesday was a bee group day and we made arrangements to work at the U Of Alberta textile department. Three of us were able to help them work on some antique quilts. A few years ago the department took a very large quilt collection and now they are wanting to display some of them. To display them they are adding a muslin backed Velcro strip to the top back of the quilts. They are all hand sewn to the back of the quilts. We got to handle the quilts with no gloves (washed our hands lots). 

This was quilt #3. I got to work on it. It is a hand pieced log cabin pineapple quilt. It had no batting. It was all hand pieced except the binding ( which I think was added much later to make it looked finished). The last row was a little different also. Like they were running out of the fabric they had in the other rows or was done a few years later. Many of the fabric are men's shirting. Love the Cheddar colour.  

Here is a photo of the back of the log cabin pineapple quilt. You can see the Velcro strip I am added on the bottom of the photo. There were some feed sacks and some very worn out prints used on the back. Some still showed the pencil lines the quilter used. You can see the blocked were pieced together and the seams showing on the back. There were no quilting stitches added, only the piecing was done. I think of this as more of a quilt top, not a finished quilt. Still very old and interesting and shows how it was made. 

Here is my mom working on a flying geese quilt. We just love that bubble gum pink.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Scrappy Saturday

This month the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is working on Teal, Aqua or Turquoise scraps, really anything that is not really blue or green but some were in between. I love these colours. I first worked on the Aqua green scraps and then did lime green because these two colours share the same little box. I also got behind with my green from the month of April. I call these Coin Strips. I hope to do more this month on them. I need to get the Blue done from May. 

I have added today's post to the linky party over at Soscrappy

Next is a few spools. Really only the last one could be called Turquoise, the rest are more Blue.  

Here I have 9 Slab blocks done for Cheryl over at Dining Room Empire. She is putting together quilts for the flood victims in Southern Alberta. I did my yellow ones at the very end of June. Then I did some blue ones and made sure there was a touch of Turquoise in there. Next I got out some green Poverty Piecing I had done years ago and got 5 green slabs out of it. All of the slab blocks are 15.5" square. These 9 fill my design wall. I have to get them in the mail, her deadline is the end of July.

So far 5 yellow Hexie flowers done from June. I had prepared all the yellow hexagons but did not get the hand sewing done. 

Next what I have been up to? I spent a few days sorting fabric and trying to clean up my room a little. It always looks messier before it is cleaner. I am not done yet. 

Also I have spent tons of time outside playing with my horse and dog. Three days this week were clinics, 2 horse days and an agility clinic yesterday. Summer is great.