Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Must Ketchup

I got my Good Fortune Mystery, Pattern by Bonnie Hunter, is now a top. I still have to finish all the pieced boarders. Two more to go. I think I will just do it the way she had the quilt. I see others added or took off boarders. But I like the way she had it. 

Sorry it has been a month since my last post. I have been trying to stay off the computer a bit and get real life work done. 

I dyed some wool for sock knitting. I have started to use the blue green one. It is knitting up well. 

I also got another pair of wool socks done. This was also a hand dyed wool that I did a few years ago. I have wore them now. 

Looks like spring is on the way. We had lots of snow but it is melting. Saturday I rode my horse in the snowy fields. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Yellow Talking Turkey blocks

Yellow is the colour for the month of February with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019. 
I had many parts done for these blocks and now have them together. Not sure if I really want 5 yellow blocks in this quilt or not. I have no idea how many blocks I want in total.  

Talking Turkey is block from Bonnie Hunter's String Fling quilt book. 

So far I have 4 colour each with 5 blocks done. I know I need green for sure. Maybe more colours. I am worried that 5 blocks of each colour and How many colours could be to many blocks. These blocks are a bit bigger, like 14" or so. Maybe I am on my way to 2 smaller quilts. Not sure. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy and the link party

Friday, February 15, 2019

New Socks

I got my next pair of wool socks done. I bought this yarn this past fall on our little trip to Canmore, I had to shop at the Sugar Pine Cottage. One of the best quilt shops and it also has yarn. 

I love the lime green and other jewel colours. It was self stripping yarn. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

I am making some heart blocks again for a group hug quilt. So far I have 7 pink heart blocks done. 

These finish up to be 6" square. I start by using 2" units. I work hard at mixing up all the different prints of pink I have. Some have a little more orange or purple but it all works. 

Tonight we are having a family dinner at home. I have baked a Blue berry and Raspberry pie for desert. I got Chocolates from my sweet heart. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Wool Sock Repair

I got a pair of socks fixed up. I love these hand knit socks but after a while they wear out. I make holes on the ball of my foot and then the heal. The wool just wears so thin. I have knitted new toes on this pair a few years ago. Well this time the heal also was going. So I got some new yarn and used the top of the sock only. I made the heal and all of the foot from new yarn. 

We have been crazy cold this week. Knitting wool socks just feels like the thing to do. 

Here is the next pair that needs fixing, both socks need fixing. I have saved the top part of the sock and bought a new matching yarn. The yarn has 25% nylon which does last a little longer then pure wool. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Yellow 16 patches

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019 is well under way. I have slowly been working on some yellow scraps. I do not have tons of yellow or do I have too many wholes in the blocks that yellow is needed. I needed these yellow 16 patches made using 2" squares. I have a few yellows that are almost brown. But they work in these little blocks. 

I am planning to use some of these 16 patches mixed in with 6 1/2" sampler blocks. See how I can move from one colour to the next. I have not worked out all the design questions but here is a sample of what I am planning. 

I needed blue 16 patch blocks and I know it is not blue this month, but I had it out. So I got them made. Part of my catching up on missing blocks. Maybe it will help me get some quilt tops done. 

Here is the green sampler blocks and the yellow 16 and Blue 16 patches mixed together. They look good together. 

I am a day late but I am adding this to the link up on Soscrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019.  

Friday, February 8, 2019

Shoe Box Block Exchange

I got this block done for the Leduc Guild's Shoe Box Exchange. We pass around the shoe boxes at each meeting. Last month I had this box with the purple fabric and the pattern. I added the 2 floral fabrics and made this block. 

There were 3 blocks in the box already. Here are the 4 together. I kind of liked doing this block. I have saved a copy of the pattern and might make more blocks. At the end of the whole shoe box exchange we will draw a winner of the blocks. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Red String Blocks

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019 is working on your Red scraps this month. My reds are in good shape, sorted, many blocks made last year. But I did not get my Red string blocks done till this Saturday. I got 14 half red blocks done. Some Lime and Purples were done to those are done ready to be trimmed. 

Then I had computer trouble. My editing program is not working well. I could not resize my photos. Well today I got it partly done but with a different program. Not really happy with what I used. So I am still in the hunt for a good program that is easy and quick to use. 

Here is one block ready for another colour on the other half. There are Chickens and Cherries prints. 

More Red is over at Socrappy. So many ideas for scrap quilts. Check it out. This looks to be the last Saturday of Jan so Feb will have a new colour, looks like that might be Yellow. 

So it it Monday I will also join the Design Wall Monday over at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts

Friday, January 25, 2019

Socks Finished

Every winter I slowly work on hand knitted wool socks. I got this pair done recently. I can now wear them but it is to be warm for a few days. Maybe Monday as it is to get cooler again. 

Here they are on my feet. 

When I looked at this pair, they had just one toe to finish up and tuck away the ends. I think I started them back in 2016. So I guess last year I did not really finish any socks. 

The yarn pattern was not a real match up. But they were the same lot number. 

I have more socks started again. Also I have some I need to repair. I always put holes in the ball of the toes. Sometimes I can redo the toe but then the heals go in just a few more wears. Some very old ones I am using new wool and knitting new feet. the angle does not wear out. 

I have added this to Confessions of a fabric addict.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Red Scraps

The Design Wall this week

For many years I have followed along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
This year I will be doing more scrap sewing again. 
RSC 2019 here we come!

6 1/2" blocks made with 2" squares

I have done 9 - 16 patches. I had some done but they had one square a different colour. I have decided that I wanted some full red. I have a few colours out of control but red is in good shape. I already had all the red 2" squares cut and ready to go. So easy this week.
 Next up in red should be some string blocks. 

 16 blocks 4 1/2" Pin wheels in Blue

Last year I had trouble with my blue scraps. Way out of control. It took me most of the month just to trim and cut and sort the boxes of blue. So I did not get these sewn together. So this year I need to do some other colours now and then, like Blue and Green. 

Also I have to work towards getting tops and quilts done. You might see me working on odd colours or the tops and quilting. I am hopping for more finishing this year. There are some quilt shows to enter. I also only quilted 2 of my own quilts this past year. 

These Red blocks are from Canada's 150 Women blocks. My mom, Betty and I are working on the blocks together. I am way behind. Only 25 block of my 75 done. So here are 4 more blocks, 6" square.