Monday, February 27, 2017

Slabs Blocks Take Over

Looking at all the slab blocks I have done so far. Wow! I have 79 Blocks done so far. 

This one above is now quilted and is waiting on getting binding on. I will get some more finished photos when the binding is done. 

These blocks are still on the wall from last week. I just finished the bottom row of blocks this week. I might keep this quilt for myself. If I do that I have to take 30 out of my total blocks made for charity So 79 - 30 = 49 blocks so far for the Canada's Big Quilting Bee, hosted by the CQA.  I am planning on 3 quilts fully completed for the Big Quilt Bee. 

Is that bad of me to keep one quilt for myself? I just love these quilts. 

I have so many slab blocks around I am having trouble keeping track of them. I have made myself a spread sheet to help me understand what I need and how many more I need to sew. 

For many of the blocks I used this white maple leave print. I have run out and I would love some more of these print. Any body got some for sale? I did buy another print so I could keep going but I would love more of this one. 

Here is the teal blocks and I added in a bit more maple leave only this time teal. 

I have added this post to Sew Fresh Quilt Bee where she has a special link up for slab blocks and the Canada's big quilt bee, and Design Wall Monday

The last few Blue blocks I did this last week. 

March 4th my Local Leduc quilt guild is planning a work bee on slab blocks. I am not going to make it to the work bee. I have another agility dog trial. I am making up for not being at the bee. 

I love this Red slab block. Many of my favorite reds are in here. 

Next up I am planning to make 6 more Purple slab blocks, then more yellow, orange, and black. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Teal Scrappy Saturday

I got a little bit done this week on the Teal scraps. I have started some nine patches but they are not finished yet. I might have to show them off next week. 

My larger spool is 8" square and the pin wheel is the extra bits. 

I have added this post to So Scrappy today. 

I have a full day at a dog agility trial then Garth Brooks.

Flying geese, I just love these little guys yet I am not sure how I will use them. I have a pretty good drawer of geese. All main colours are done but no Black, brown or grey ones yet. Not sure I will do more. Unless maybe I  need some with a neutral background? Just might have to think on that idea. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Finish it up Friday

My 4th week in a row with a finished quilt top. This week it is a small wall quilt or maybe a baby quilt. Got it sewn and now it waits to be quilted. I have it all ready to go, backing and batting with it. Sorry no outdoor hanging on the fence photo, it is cold out and this little quilt fits on the wall. I have a very special and time consuming quilt on the frame for a customer so this will have to wait. 

I have added today's post to Crazy Mom Quilts, and Confessions of a Fabric Addict and 

I got another 7 Red Slab blocks done in the middle of the week. I think Red is becoming a favorite colour of mine. I love how many red prints I have. I just might have to do a mostly red quilt this year. These blocks are planned for a few more slab quilts. I am planning 4 quilts in total. My mom has a slab quilt started too. 

So many happy red fabrics. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday Feb 20th

Here is Slab quilt #2, laid out and ready to sew and become a top.  I am making many slab blocks and a few quilts. I think I will keep this one quilt for myself. I have made this quilt with 30 blocks. Slab quilt #1 has 24 blocks. I am now in the planning stages to make 4 slab quilts, 3 I will give to the CQA's Big Canadian Quilt Bee. Also I think my mom has started some slab blocks so I will have to quilt her quilt(s) too. I am not sure how many she will make. 

I have added this post to Judy's Design wall Monday.

So I am also still making blocks for quilts 3 and 4. I am using 24 blocks per quilt. I have my scraps sorted and plan to use 8 colours so I need 3 blocks per colour. Here are 6 more blue blocks for the 3rd and 4th quilt.

We are using at least one Canadian fabric in the blocks, to celebrate Canada's Birthday this year 150 years young. I have both a cream and turquoise maple leave fabric in this block. I love this line of fabric. I am sure I will have to buy more of it. 

Happy Family Day

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Scrap Saturday - Teal and Aqua

I got this much Scrappy goodness done today. 
My slab blocks are being made for the Big Canadian Quilt Bee run by CQA, I am working on more blocks for a 3rd and maybe a 4th quilt that will go to sick kids at Ronald McDonald House in Canada.

I got 5 Canadian Slab blocks done with my teal and aqua scraps. I love this colour. Maybe because it is like the ocean or some of our mountain lakes. 

The slab blocks all have at least one Canadian print in them. I got this teal print with Red Maples leaves just for these blocks. I think I will use some in my blue blocks too. Love it. 

Also in Teal and aqua is spool blocks. The spool blocks are 3 1/2" unfinished. I got the pattern from Bonnie Hunter were you can find the link to her page. It was one of her leaders and ender challenges.  I started spool blocks years ago, but I got some new scraps and there were many teal prints. 

Here is the bag of new to me scraps. One of my quilting customers was willing to part with a bag of scraps for me. I have been doing quilts for her for years ( more then 12 yrs). It is kind of cool to get this bag as I quilted all the quilts she made and now I can treasure and use the scraps. 

I also got another 6 pink slab blocks done too. 

Last week, I got this crazy pink pony print at the rummage bin at the local quilt shop. I just love it. I was too old for magic ponies when they came out but my cousin that is 15 years younger then me had them.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hawaii Quilt Top Done

Hawaii Quilt

I am on a roll. I got another quilt top done this week. That is 3 quilt tops in 3 weeks!
The blocks have been done for over a year but getting the blocks together is one of the hardest parts for me. I love to build smaller blocks and I am not a fan of putting the blocks together. You know keeping them in order and ironing long seams. 

Hooray, I got the top done! 

I got some super cute fabrics back in 2011, when we last went to Hawaii. I wanted a Hawaii quilt. I have been 6 times. I hope we can go again someday. 

I even took a photo before I started to cut into them. 

I took the dog out with me. This one caught her off guard. She was sniffing near the base of the quilt when the wind blow it up and over her. 

Dog and quilt looking good together. 

I have added this post to Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish up Fiday

The wind was a problem today. I took close to 50 shots but most look like this, Folded over quilt in the wild wind. We have been warmer and there is mud every where, so placing the quilt on the ground was not an option today. Also I have to have a row and half over the rail or it was blowing on the ground. So my quilt is longer 6 rows long and 5 wide. 

I plan to get this one quilted in time for a local quilt show. 

I will dream of the Hawaii waves under this quilt someday. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pizza Box Blocks

The Black Gold Quilt Patch has a pizza box exchange going around. This past month I did these 2 blocks. The owner of the pizza block asked us to use some of the yellow and black fabric together with black and white fabrics and little splash of colour. I added in my dog print fabric and a bit of dash hound fabric. She has a dash hound so I hope she likes the blocks I made. 

So I thought I would review what our guild did for the pizza block exchange. 
  • Each person has a book in the pizza box, where you write out what theme you would like your box to take. 
  • You also do at least one block for your box before you hand it out
  • You can also add some fabric to your box that you would like the other ladies to use in your blocks. ( we have no men so saying ladies is kind of ok)
  • This year the group is small so we ask that each person makes 2 blocks for each of the pizza boxes. 
  • Each month we pass them around. So each month I make 2 blocks. 
  • We have a list and an order, so I always get my boxes from the same person say Mrs F and I hand the ones I have done to the Mrs L. However, I think next time we will find there has been a little mess up on that. Oops.