Saturday, April 29, 2017

Multi Coloured Bits and Pieces

I have more blocks done again. Not sure how many blocks got done this week but it was a few more. If I do 2 more that might be enough, plus a boarder. Not sure yet. This layout gives you an idea of where it is going. I might also make some more of the lighter blocks. I am running out of Saturdays this month for the multi coloured scraps. 

Follow the link to find the pattern for  Honey Comb

Mostly dark multi colour scraps used in this block. 

There is a linky party over at Soscrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017

This block has a little bit lighter multi coloured scraps. I just love some of those rainbow stripped fabrics. 

This weekend I am playing agility with my dog. We have a trial both days, so out the door at 6 AM. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Christmas Postage Stamp Finished

Christmas Postage Stamp Quilt - 79" square

This quilt is all done! I started piecing the top back in the first week of December. As I unpacked our Christmas decorations I thought about how nice it would be to have a Christmas Quilt. I also won some Christmas fabrics at the Leduc guild meeting. It was nice to sew with Christmas print over the holidays.

My oldest son helped with holding this quilt today for the photo. 

It is a very scrappy quilt. I used 2" squares to make blocks that are nine - nine patches. Some of the patches were already cut and in my water colour fabrics. I looked for anything that was kind of Christmas like. I used some Green and Red fabrics that might not have been Christmas but fit in just right. I had Nutcracker, Penguins, Labs with Christmas candy, Snowflakes, lights, candy, birds and so many Christmas prints. 

I have quilted it with a ice blue thread and did snow drifts and spirals of snow all over the quilt. 

It is still so wet and muddy at our place, I have to think of dry places to take my photos. We have a hint of blue sky today. I wish it would dry up a bit and for spring to show up. We don't have much green yet. 

The binding is a peppermint candy cane strip print. I got the backing, with winter foxes, on sale in January when the Christmas prints were on sale. I was able to put a few squares of foxes on the front side before the top was done. 

Also on my mind today is getting ready for a Spring quilt show. The Edmonton and District quilter's guild is having a quilt show June 3 and 4th 2017. This weekend they need to have our entries and we are to have a photo of our each quilt with the entry.  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Slab Wall Monday

Today on my Design Wall is a good bunch of Slab blocks. The slab block is from Cheryl Arkison's book Sunday Morning Quilts. I am making them for Charity quilts but changed the size to 12 1/2" and added a Canadian fabric to each block. I wrote more about it on Friday's post. I even have one quilt finished with these kind of blocks. So far I have made 109 blocks and hope to have 3 quilts to give away. I will also be handing in some of my extra blocks. 

Little orange pumpkin tea pot. Can you see the 2 Canadian fabrics? 

This yellow block has a cooking piggy. 

I have added today's post to Design Wall Monday over at Judy's blog and Monday Making

Today's post is post #700. I would have never thought I would write 700 little notes about my quilting and  a few things about the rest of my life. I just do not consider myself a writer, but maybe I should call myself a writer after 700. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mini Felted Dog

A good start to my mini Gemma, still need eyes and a nose, maybe a toy in her month. 

On Saturday I spend the day making a little black Lab and pricked my fingers a few times. I got invited to a dog friend's house to make little felted animals. We made them by needle felting so I pricked my fingers a few times. Most of us worked on making our dogs. Many of the people were agility friends so we are mostly dog people.  

Next to me was a Grey Cat that got worked on. His ears were frozen so in real life he had small ears. 

I almost forgot the 2 ferret that were make.  

Some details being added to the face. 

One of the real dogs!

This was my Gemma, I used this photo and a few other to work on her shape. 

We had a very good day. Thank You Kathy for the fun and good food. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scrap Saturday

My wall has the first finished slab quilt and then blocks for the next quilt. I was in need of 6 more black/ multi coloured fabrics for the slab quilt # 3 and 4. I also need some 6 more yellow but so far only 3 done. I have a goal to make 4 slab quilts. One of those quilts I think I will keep for me but the other 3 are all going to CQA and the Canada's Big Quilting Bee. I need them done by the end of May. 

7 more slabs blocks. You can see I used lots of Black but wanted a slash of other colours. I also had to put one Canadian fabric in there too. 

I stand on guard 

April the giraffe and her baby.

Pink bug car dragons and lady bugs. There is a lot more colour then just black, but what fun. 

I have added today's post to SoScrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017, this month we are to use our multi coloured prints. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Finish Slab Quilt #1

The weather is very muddy so I have indoor photos today. I do not want to get my newest quilt dirty before I give it away. The Canadian Quilter's Association is doing a Quilting Bee. To find out more check out Canada's Big Quilt Bee. They hope to give 1000 quilts to Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada. I am sure they will make the goal. 

We have been asked to make Slab blocks with at least one Canadian Fabric in each block. I have quilted it with a variegated thread and did a free motion leaf pattern all over. It is one of the patterns that can be done quickly but is so much nicer than just stipple quilting. 

A friend gave me this oak leaf fabric to use for charity quilts and I thought a leaf fabric with shades of orange red was perfect. I have more for the next quilt too. I also like how the fabric went with the Red binding. 

This binding was a first for me, all by machine. I have always done a double binding that is sewn to the quilt on top and then wrapping it around to the back side and hand stitched. This time I did both sided by machine, and I am very happy with it. To get it nice I first sewed the double binding to the back side of the quilt and then wrapped the fold around to the front and I top stitched it to the front side. I stitched slow and took my time, but it is so neat and tidy. I like it.   

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage

 I did a few more blocks from the book Farm Girl Vintage. This block is not in the book but is one of the extra blocks you can buy. I just love the garden and had to make peas and carrots. I love eating garden fresh peas and carrots with a dab of butter. 

Maybe I need a bunny to go next to my peas and carrots. Happy Easter!

The milk can with many different fabrics used. I should say I am working on 6" blocks, so I will need many blocks for a good size quilt. 

Here are all my vintage blocks so far. I know already I will be making more then one project from this book. I hope to do a quilt but then also a table topper with fruit, lots of red and turquoise. 

Also on the machine this weekend is my Tulip quilt. I have not decide how to quilt it so, I load it on the machine and force myself to do it.  

Up next will be the kettle block. I am loving my little design boards I made last week. I can cut out the pieces and lay out the fabric. I don't have to remeasure all the little bits because I know what I cut. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday