Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dog Collars and Leashes

So I am a little crazy and have started working on something new. Leather works. I have always thought it would be fun to make and sew leather, but the sewing leather part needs a new sewing machine. A very big investment. So I have been looking into smaller projects. I have a black leash that has no sewing but some kind of twisted knots. I wanted to make one or two!

I have been playing with my leather bits and parts. Staining and punching holes in my leather. 

This collar is for Gemma. I have her name stamped on it and my # in case she got lost. It is a little heavy so I am not sure I will make her wear it every day. Maybe for a special show. I took 5 photos of Gemma wearing it but they are crappy. One photos did not even show the collar at all. 

This pretty set, collar and leash, I have given away. It is being used as for a fund raising for one of my agility teachers, a member of the Canadian AAC agility team going to IFCS later this year. I think I will be making a second set for myself. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Hexagons

5 more blocks done. I have so many more cut out and started. I spent large part of the day preparing more blocks. I hope to get a few stitched tonight. 

#3 Sarah, this is the second of these blocks I have done and I am sure I will do a few more, already have 3rd one prepared.

Block #8 again. I love pink and blue together. 

# 13 Judy block. I used the plink fabric for the petals and then a hand dyed fabric for the center and the little diamonds. I love how most of my hand dyed fabrics got with KFC. 

# 13 Judy block, I used this little rose with almost all the same repeat. Look close not quiet the same but almost. 

#13 Judy again, the same print, this rose was beside the light pink one. 

Off to stitch a few more from my box. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Lotto Blocks

We had great turn out for our Lotto blocks at the Leduc Guild. We had a total of 20 blocks handed in. Great to see. It was our first meeting in several years since we had done them. 
We asked members to make a 12 1/2" block. We were looking for Heart themed and to use Red, Pink and White in your block. We had 3 blocks that were done with embroidery machines, they were a hit.

Next month is Baby themed using Green and Purple as the colours. again 12 1/2|" block, made with cotton fabric.   

Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday Feb 1st

Pizza Box Block at Leduc Guild. I think this should be the 2nd from last block I needed to do. Wednesday I should get my last box. March meeting I should be getting my block done. Let's hope every one else is on time. 

On the wall, I had a plan. Fail! I hate the look. I wanted light but it looks like a baby quilt, too much pastel. Good thing I did not cut it all out. I will have to rethink this out. No baby pink or blue. I think I will pack it up and start over. 

Hand knit socks getting done. I dyed this wool too. There are 3 large strips of colour. Just a few more nights of knitting left to do. 

I have added this to Design Wall Monday by Judy

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Wrap UP

I got 3 Churn Dash blocks done this month. They were the last few blocks that got done for the Suit Case exchange. What is that? At the Leduc Guild - Black Gold Quilt Patch, Janet had this idea to do a Suit Case exchange. One problem we did not have a good suit case, so a shoe box was used. She started by placing a block pattern and 1 meter of fabric in the box. She did the first box. Then passed it on at the guild meeting. I was the last person and I was able to get 3 blocks done with what was left. Janet ended up winning the box of blocks. She also has more of the green fabric that was used in all the blocks. I think there were 11 finished blocks in the Box. 

So as we were ending the 1st shoe box exchanges, I got to start the next ones. I bought this light colour Pink Tula print and picked out the nine patch and snow ball block. 

I made a second block. You see, if you do extra blocks you get your name in the draw and extra time. 2 blocks = 2 chances of winning. 

Next up was the pansy fabric I had bought for the next shoe box. The fabric is a Phillip Jacob fabric. I also bought myself some to keep for my stash. I love how this block turned out. I used a low value background fabric and then the medium green. My mom saw the block and wanted some of this green. I only had a FQ that I picked up a year ago or so. I think it is a Amy Butler fabric. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday Jan 25th

I have a few more hexagon blocks done this week again. Made with Kaffe Fassett Collection fabric. All but one block is from The New Hexagon book by Katja Marek. 

This is Judy block #13. It starts a little like a hexagon flower and then you fill in the small diamond on the outer edge. I got this flower fabric in a package of KFC fabric club. You know where you sign up and get squish mail each month. Happy Day.

Block #6 Dolores all made with the same design of print but in 3 colour ways. 

Block # 6 Dolores again but this time in orange spots

This block is called Kim and is not in the block. It is part of the Glorious Hexagon quilt a long. 

Block #8 Marena. I used the shingles print around the rose. Makes me think of a garden with a path around it.  

All 5 on the wall. 

I hope to get a few more sewn tonight in front of the TV. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Scrappy Lotto Blocks

I need a few 12" block so I was playing in my scrappy triangles. I make a block with 4 friendship stars. It is just so cute. 

I have added this post to So Scrappy Saturday link party. 

I am on the program committee for the Leduc quilt guild ( called Black Gold Quilt Patch) and at the next meeting we are starting Lotto blocks. I felt I better make sure to do it. I started in my scrappy triangles and dug out Red to make the Red heart. So February's block is Hearts in Red, Pink and White.   

Here is my pink block. I really only needed to do 1 block but I just could not stop myself. 

So how are we doing our lotto blocks, you ask? 
We are picking a theme and a colour each month and asking members to make a 12 1/2" block. We will then draw a name out of a hat to see who wins the blocks. If you make a block you get a chance to win the blocks from that month. We did this years ago when the guild started. If we get lots of blocks like more 15, we will split the block into 2 groups and draw 2 names.  

This past week I needed to do up more door prizes. So here is my hand dyed fabric do up to give away at the Edmonton and District Quilter Guild. The 5 bundles will get me to the end of the year, June.