Monday, June 27, 2016

Pansy Hexagons

I am still working on my New Hexagons. All the patterns for these 3" hexagons are in The New Hexagon Book. All 6 of these blocks were made by stacking 6 repeats of the fabric and then cutting out the units I needed. I love doing this. 

# 9 Doris block

#11 Susan

#11 Susan

#13 Judy, I think the petals look like little bugs or fairies dancing. 

#13 Judy

#14 Willa it is the first of the Willa blocks I have done. Look at how tiny the little triangles are.

Here is the orange pansy fabric together with the hexagons. I will have to do some more soon. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Warm Socks

Last night I finished this pair of wool socks. I dyed the yarn as I was wanting to get large bands of splotchy colour. I love the light purple as it has a bit of yellow to dull it down, it was the colour I was looking for. The blue and pink also worked well.   

Here they are on my feet, ready for winter.

Here is a patch of my yard. Can you see the lab? 

Saturday, June 25, 2016


I got my Owls done. They were a lot of work but so worth it. I put some of my sewing a side to work on quilts for Fort Mac. So those quilts are almost done I can work on my patchwork again. I have the all the bunnies cut out and ready to start sewing them. 

Look at how many piecing are in the owls. many tiny triangles. 

Here is one of the Fort Mac quilts just coming off the quilt frame. It is now at my mom's as she is doing the binding. I have a teacher from Fort Mac that will be getting this quilt. I hope it bring her and her husband joy and the feeling of hope. Many of the blocks were from some internet block exchanges. I will get a better photo soon. 

It is raining here again. It looks like a weekend of cleaning out the tack room. What a messy job but I have been putting it off for months. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Improve Workshop

Just over a week a go, I finally got to take a class with Cheryl Arkison. We booked her for 2 days and I took the 2nd day, Improve with Intent. The Black gold Quilt Patch had her booked last year but we were not getting many to sign up. This time we made sure other quilters in the area knew she was coming. 

This is some warm up blocks done on the first day. They just used up some scrapes. 

One of Cheryl's quilts.

At the start of class one of the other ladies had these bright piles of fabric. I love it!

Here is some of the sewing she did in class. I am keeping her idea secret. I hope to see her finished quilt soon. I just loved her idea too. 

What did I do? Well my dog what else. If there is one thing keeping me more busy then sewing it is my dog. 

Here is how much I got done in class. Next up is the ears, then maybe it will start to look like a dog. I am making a purple dog, as black is just so hard to work with. I also love colour so much why not. 

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Here is one of the photos I have used. I took photos with and without the flash. I liked the flash shots as it showed me more highlights. 
I am not sure when I will get back to this project. It will be special. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Baby Quilt and Guild meeting

This little quilt is done and gifted to the mom to be. It is really a quilt my mom has made and I helped by doing the machine quilting. We love to give a hand made gift to a new baby. 

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The Gold Gold Quilt Patch has been working on Quilts to send to Fort Mcmurry. The whole city of 80,000 forced to leave. Some 2000 houses have been distorted by fire or the left homes unlivable.  Leduc is about 5 hours drive away but we are close as Nuski/Leduc area is a base for the oil patch, so many companies have work sites in both cities. Many workers have family around here. Our Guild thought we would made 100 quilts but already 1 month in we have 210 started and in varying stages. Many still need binding done or machine quilting but WOW, I can not believe what we have been able to got done.  

We also did Lotto blocks at the guild meeting. The theme this month was Summer blocks with bright colours. I had the parts to made this block, butterflies and tulips, just had to put it together. 

Then I also made a strawberry block. I had this little black seed fabric. I first went looking to make a watermelon but liked this idea better. It would be cute in pink also. 

We only had 6 blocks handed in, but I like them. I think we were all so busy making Fort Mac quilts. One of the members is going to take the blocks and add last months block to them and make a Fort Mac quilt with them. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

1st of the Fort McMurray Quilts

The Leduc Black Gold Quilt Patch has been working on Quits to send to people from Fort McMurray. Many homes were lost in the wild fires and people are still not back to town to see if their homes. Many know if they lost everything. This is one that I started a little over a week ago. I just got the machine quilting done today. It is ready for the binding, I am hoping my mom will do that for me. The binding will be the dark plaid fabric. 

The Black Gold Quilt Patch guild did a big weekend work bee. I got the cute owl fabric and the background colour from the donation table. I then donated many of the other cute prints from my Hawaii fabrics and the batting. The backing fabric was donated from the Purple Katz Quilt Shop. They gave the guild a lot of large backings. There were many shops who gave us fabric to use but I do not know who all did. The Executive Royal Inn in Nisku let the guild use one of the rooms for 4 days so we could work together and get many quilts done. We were hoping to get 100 done and so far we passed that number. I know my mom and I are working on 3 together and this is the closest one to being done. 

Here is the lay out I did just before I started to put the rows together. 

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Gemma and I got our Agility Dog of Canada with the Agility Assignation of Canada since I last posted. Our first big ribbon. Our judge was Meaghan O'Neil and it was her first time to give out a title as a new judge. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Easy Street

I got a good finished photo of my Easy Street. This was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt from November of 2012 I think. I have gone back to my early photos and that was when I think we started it. I never get the top done till months later. Then the top sits in line waiting to be quilted. We all know the last quilts done belong to the long arm quilter that quilts for hire. We always have so many more to do first. 

I had started this quilt with the suggested Gray four patches. But I did not like it. So I replaced the grey and made the four patches with Bright pink, now it feels like a quilt I would make. I love these colours. So happy it is done. It measures 96" square. I have quilted it with feathers ll over it. 

I got the block together at retreat the fall of 2013. That is my mom sewing just below the top. 

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