Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pizza Box Update

The Black Gold Quilt Patch (Leduc's Quilt Guild) started a Pizza Box exchange earlier this year. I have been working on my blocks but not so good at updating the blog. 

I am one of the more experienced quilters in the exchange so if I get to pick out a block, I am trying to make an effort to do harder blocks. This bright little star block used Y intersections. I love the movement of the lime strip. 

This block was full of music fabric. I needed to add one more from my stash. I have loved this horn fabric, yes a little bit of Christmas but still a favorite. Then we were to do some 4 patches with some of the fabric we added. 

It has been fun to see what everyone asks us to make for them.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Summer is Long Gone

It has been a few months since summer flowers looked this good. I look back at the photos of my flowers and it is hard to believe they are real. I have done so many things in the last few months. Lets see if I can get caught up a little. 

I finished these socks. I got the yarn from Twisted Sister Mill just down the road from me. I did the dying to get the great colour. Each sock was a ball and I left it in a ball to dye. First dying it 3/4 blue then flipping it and dying it 3/4 Magenta. So lots of purple resulted and the center of the ball is lighter coloured. 

These 2 pairs each got 2 new toes. I always wear out the bottom ball part of the foot so I like to fix it by knitting new toes on. 

All in the sunshine.

Wearing my new socks. I might be ready for winter. So far we have only had a little dash of snow and then it was gone. We maybe getting some white crap this week. 

Fabric all picked out ready for the next new quilting project. 
Can you guess what it is? 
Hint what time of year is it? 

answer - Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt time. 
Black Friday she releases the first clue and we all start her mystery quilt called Allietare. 
My aunt was on the trip to Italy with her this year.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Felting 3D Shapes Class

Last week I went to fiber school. I took a class with Tracy Kuffner of the Wool Mine. We did 3D shapes with wet felting (no needles). The first day we did a little 4 sided pod in white wool. I was pleased with it. We were to keep the shape with the sides and the edges. Take note of the circle piece in the back, it is Tracy's sample. 

Then we could start to lay out our 2nd shape. This is just the beginning of my 6 sided pod. I need to get a better photo of this in the early finished stages. I have more work to do on it. 

This is Shelia's larger 6 sided pod. I love the colours and the little holes on it.  

I was a bit of a rebel and work on mittens in between things. I will have to get another finished photo of these. They are not done in this photo. Close but not done yet. 

There is my 6 sided one. Note the piece in the background, Tracy's lamp. On day 3, I did another shape kind of like Tracy's lamp (smaller). I did not get a photo yet. 

I want to do so much more felting. I love the mittens. I might have to make more. Thursdays I get to play with wool and friends again.  

On Tuesday Gemma and I got to do a evening agility trial. We passed our first run. It was a Starters Gamblers run. So happy with my little girl. We are having so much fun playing Agility. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

All Aglow

All Aglow

This is the quilt that mom, Betty Manuel, and I worked on together this past year. We worked on the piecing together and spent lots of time picking out the fabric for each block. To start with I drafted about 5 different log cabin pineapple blocks. We then did paper piecing. 

We entered it in the Canada Quilter's Association National Juried show. We were very happy and surprised as our quilt won  Excellence in Workmanship in Piecing.  We won some cash so it meant I could do some shopping at the market mall. 

I did the machine quilting. Some was on my long arm and then I did some stitch in the ditch on the domestic machine. I used red thread on the black for the free motion feathers. I just love how that red thread added to the glow of the quit. 

We also entered the quilt in the Edmonton Quilt Guild Show And it also got a ribbon. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Design Wall Monday July 6th

Scrap Garden

I have my leaders and enders Scrap Garden ( or Lozenges) top done and hanging on the design wall. It is ready to quilt, ironed and backing made. I started it last fall. Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville had Lozenges as last years Leaders and Enders challenge. I had many fabrics that just did not fit into one colour family so they could go here. I love to look back at all the different prints. I think you could make this in a few different sizes. I chose to start mine with 6" by 3" retangles and added the 2" square to the 4 corners. I sewed  from one corner to the other. I am very pleased with this top. I think a have a Kaffe Fassett book with this on the front cover. That pattern uses a large rectangle, I think 4 by 8". 

Bonnie has now released the next Leaders and Enders Challenge, it is Tumblers.  I have a few cut already. I am using my 2 1/2" strips and the Dresden Plate ruler. 

Next up is some blocks I made back in May when I did not post. I did get a photo of the blocks before I sent them FREE. I made them for the suit case exchange with the Leduc Black Gold Quilt Patch. You ask What is the suit case exchange?. Well, we have box ( not a case), there is a fabric in it and a pattern. We are to make a block or 2 or 3 to add to the box. My name was pulled first and these are my blocks. Then I handed the case back and it moves on to the next name pulled. When we run out of the main fabric then we draw a name. I will get 3 chances to win all the blocks back. I had to use some lime green just so the blocks have some life to them. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday at Judy's

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Camera

So I have been missing from Blog land. I now have a new camera, the old one was not opening all the time. I guess it was dropped too many times. Now that I am back I was unsure what to post. So much has gone on in my sewing room. 

Pizza Box Exchange at the Black Gold Quilt Patch 
 I am on the program committee for the guild. I was so happy with my last exchange, that I was happy to help with the Pizza Box one again. My box has the Dresden plate block and lots of dotty fabric.  I have asked the ladies to make me sampler blocks with the dotty fabrics. All blocks should be 12 1/2". 

Here is my block with all the fabric they can use. Yes I have lots of dots.

The first box I got had green and purple fabric in it. I added the purple fabric that is kind of dotty.  I made this 54-40 or Fight block. I passed this block and box on to the next person at the June meeting. Now I have a box were she wants stars. It should not be a problem for me. I just need to pick out a pattern. 

Doggy updates: Gemma and I did our first agility trial. She did OK for a baby dog and for being so new to the game. Here is a link for her very first real agility run.  We both had so much fun. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunshine Saturday

We are having great spring weather this week and rest of the 7 day forecast is on the + side. Half the land is out from under the snow, so it really feels like spring. At this rate we may not have any snow left by the end of the week. But we will get more snow someday. We have been knew-en to get snow in May and stick around for a few days after. 

I have been working on my Yellow Spring Tulips. I also did a few Bees to go with them. I have a box with all colours of butterflies so they may end up all together in one quilt. 

The grey dot fabric is so cute. I got a scrap from my mom about year ago. I like the grey better then if it had been a black. I do not have much grey. 

This tulip had to be fussy cut to get the yellow. It is a pastel rainbow fabric and the yellow is not very big. I had made one mistake and had to see if there was enough yellow left to re-cut 1 more piece. I got it done. 

I have added this to Soscrappy's Saturday Linky page.

All of today's blocks are from this book Quilty Fun. I have plans to do a few apples and then apple cores with the yellow apple flesh showing. I think I have all the parts cut out now for 3 apple core blocks. That might be today sewing between all the driving kids around today. One son is working with friends in town on the science fair project. The oldest is off to a party tonight and wants to be driven and picked up late. 

Gemma and my son cuddling with a quilt.

Happy Pie Day. We have plans to bake Peach Pie tonight for after supper. 3.142015