Monday, July 9, 2018

Succulent Pots

I have been playing with my plant this spring. I finally have enough little succulents to make up some new pots. First was to clean up my fish bowl and replant it. So cute. 

I used used older clay pot here. I also had a ceramic ornament to add in. 

3 new pots

Well after taking photos of my new pots an idea hit. I added some shells and sand dollars. It sure makes the fish bowl look fuller. 

Cute little plants and shells. I am sure by next year the shells might be hard to find. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

All the Turquoise

I love doing the end of the month wall of all that colour scrappyness. So much Turquoise got done and put in to quilt blocks. I love them all. I have so much turquoise and I have used it in many quilts lately so I have scraps to use up. 

The past 2 weeks, I got 5 blocks done for Talking Turkey and quilt pattern of Bonnie Hunter's that is in her String Fling book. I love that book so many good quilts to work on. I have started the pink and yellow blocks from the past months. These take lot of time so it is slow going. 

Pinwheels 16 got done. I am sure I will make a baby quilt using these or some of these. 

Poverty Piecing (also called crumb blocks). I used some of the tiniest triangles form some kind of cut off triangle unit.   

I got 16 6" blocks done.

I have added this to Soscrappy's link. 

Not on the wall, but I got a group of 2 1/2" triangles done. I have many ideas with Triangles so I am sure they will find a home. 

So I did not really get all my pink done in May and put away. I had a stack of wacky pink pieces, so Poverty piecing had to get done.  

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Turquoise Scrap Blocks

I have been working my way through my Turquoise Scrap Box. I take most of a week to sort and cut my many smaller bits of fabric. These blocks have taken me 2 weeks as I did not have many to show last week. 

I have been cutting strips out of the funny sized fabrics. Most are already strip left over from past projects. Some are mangled fat quarters that are need ironing and squaring up. 
Once I have strips I cut squares. This year I am cutting 3", 2 1/2, and 2" squares. They seam to be what I use the most. 

Strips are 3", 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2" I had many of the 1 1/2" left over from 2 projects I did this past year. 

My sampler blocks in 10" and in 7 1/2" sizes.

Hexagon flowers. I use the 2" squares and the 3/4" papers for these. 

I worked hard this Saturday morning and got my 6 migrated Geese blocks done just in time to show off. I love these blocks. If I keep making 6 per colour I might end up with enough for 2 quilts. I might be over doing it. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy. She had to get her husband to make her link post as she is out of town. 

The last of my pink sampler blocks. Can you see the oops? there is kind of 2 oops blocks. I guess I had better fix at least the far left bottom triangle so it matches the other 3 corners. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

2nd Time Around

2nd Time Around
31" by 34" tall
For Sale $650.00 Canadian
Statement: On a quest to use up scraps, I followed along the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 on line. January 2017 the colour was turquoise, February was purple, and March was red. I constricted on using my hand dyed fabrics and a few batiks.  As my 2nd piece in the series, I continued to work by adding to the center outward and using what I had. 

I had this quilt in the Canadian National Juried Quilt Show this past week. I have been keeping the quilt hidden from the internet because it was also a judged show. I was so happy to get to go see my quilt hang in the show. There were so many beautiful quilts. 

Detail photo of the quilt. Most of the fabric was my hand dyed fabric. The red was a red solid that I over dyed to add to the richness of colour. Then I did use a little bit of batik turquoise that was bought. 
I love how the colours play so well together. 

I have added this post to 
And on Saturday I will add it to 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Scraps in Spring

I have been working on hexagons all winter long. I have plans to make a bag. I am close to having the 2 halves done. I will have to layer and quilt, so still lots to do. 

I have gone to Quilt Canada in Vancouver BC this week. I packed a few more to baste and sew while I am away. I have a quilt in the National Juried show so I have to go check it out in person. 

A big step on the string scrap quilt got done this week. I made my map of colours. I also have key as to how many blocks of the colours I need. So now it will be quicker to get to the sewing. 

The yellow strings got done. Now with the key I can match up the other colour too. 

I am a little behind. Yes, still on April's Yellow. I have so much more pink for May still to do. Now for June we are going Teal/Turquoise , love that colour and I have a lot of scraps in it. 

I also did some 6" poverty piecing blocks too. I was close to getting some pink ones done but they are not ironed and ready for photos yet. Next week. 

I will add this to Soscrappy's link when I get home. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Paula Rafferty Class

I got to do a Paula Rafferty class for 2 days earlier in May. She was in Edmonton. 
I am slowly hand quilting this painted hand dyed fabric. I am using hand dyed thread too. 
It will be my background for my collage. I also have some stenciled leaves in gold also on it.  
Then I will add my paper bits and more stamped parts. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pink Scraps

All kinds of pink was used up this week. I got a good hold on all those pink bits of fabric. 
I love to see the design wall full of one colour of blocks. 

I got three 7" sampler blocks done. I still plan to do the 10" blocks too. I had them laid out ready to sew and they fell on the floor. Maybe next week I can get them done. 

All the 7" sampler blocks together. Again I love seeing so much up on the wall. I did not do small light blue blocks. I might have to fix that but I think I will just wait and see. 

Migrating geese. 

So many pinks. It is a good exercise to work on the shading of one colour. 

Next up was getting some pin wheel blocks done. I have no idea how I will use these, but they are getting done. 

I have more to do next week. Here is the ironing board ready to keep using up the pink scraps. 

Also got up early and watch another Royal Wedding, I think it must be at least #5 I got up to watch early. My grand mother and I got up together to watch Princess Diana and Charles.