Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Solar Dyed Yarn

I did this Yarn by wetting the yarn then sprikling it all over with the colours of the rainbow. Each colour has a salt shacker and I have mixed in the crystal citric acid. I also flipped the yarn to get enough on the yarn. I wanted colour. I placed a little plastic over it so the yarn would not dry out, it was like a little greenhouse. Then washed it out and dried. Magic.
The two on the ends where done with more liquid dye but in the try and covered like the one above. The mini yarns I set up in my jars for dying and place the lid on and left in the sun for the day. All the colour was getting taken up fast. I might over dye some of these colours still but I gave me a nice flower set of yarn to start with.
Ok this set is double dyed. First I did a light dye colour on each mini yarn, also done in the sun with my jars. Then I wound them back up into the mini skein that they are, with the twist in the yarn. a small amount of Crystal citric acid and dye went on the bottom of a dry jar, then a skein, then dye then the next skein. Untill I had all five in the jar and dye also on top. I then added water to top it up. Put a lid on and set it in the sun. Yes I changed colours of dyes the yellow, green and blues. They match each other with out being the same. I just love them. So far I am just dying yarn with the plans to use for my sock knitting. Some might end up as mittens or little half gloves. But mostly specail socks. I see some people have done some ice dying, I have done ice or snow ding on cotton but wool dyes likes the heat. Maybe I will look into it as I might need the sun to melt and heat it all up for wool.

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  1. Those are awesome colours. Looking forward to see what the rainbow one will look like when knitted. Enjoy! ;^)