Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Summer Socks


Sock pair #10 for the year finished!
#9 start and finish for 2021! 
 I got these done in time for the spring weather. But where is the warm weather. I love this dyed yarn I dyed in early April. I was thinking about beach and cool waters but also the touch of lime. The free pattern is from Ravelry Rose City Rollers but then I changed so many things.  I wanted to know how to get the roll at the top. Well it is just knit, I used my reinforced heal that I have been doing. Also I tried Eye of  Partridge on the bottom the feet as I get hole there every time. Then I finished it off with my favorite toes.  So not sure I followed the pattern much.  Very happy with the socks and I have enough to do a second pair. Maybe I will but add something like a different colour heal or toes. 

Up next was a big sock repair. The ankle of these socks are what is left of my 1st pair of socks I knitted 18 years ago. I had repaired the foot, toes and heals a few different times. It was time to say good bye. So I reknit from the heal down with new yarn that was at least a good colour match. Pretty good repair. But so cold I have to wear these winter like socks and the short ones. 

What is next?

Well I dyed these mini yarns on Sunday night. I just love them. The two colours I need to remake in a larger volume is the Dark Purple and the lime green both near the bottom. I will maybe do others. Like I group of more blues. 
But I had to use some right now. 

Well the next start! colour strips! in a short sock! 

How fun is that? 
See Why I need more Purple and Lime. I just had to use them right as quick as I could. 

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