Friday, May 14, 2021

Mini Colour


I am having some colour fun. Mini hanks. I am playing with the colour and yarn to see what I can do. I needed a couple of small ones to go with some others I had dyed already. At least 3 of these are to go with a bigger cakes of yarn. 
Your going to laugh at me. I do not like grey. But I dyed a small one at the left end, well I had to add some more colour on it. HA PINK

I am liking this set together. I think it is very garden flower like. I might have to do more soft colours still. All of these have a touch of pink. 

Lime is over dyed a bit more blue so not so much yellow. The dark blue is also a over dyed as it was not deep enough yet. The medium blue is an over dye of sprinkles that was not great. Better now. Pink is half hank and just to have more pink. You can never have too much pink. 

My experiment with recycled yarn. A few years ago I bought an old sweater at the 2nd hand store to take a part, dye, and reknit. Well I am part way there. 

The cakes need to be put into a hank and washed to get the kinks out. But it is getting some where. It is 100 % wool so I am thinking I might use it for mittens or fingerless gloves. Socks would break down too quickly. 

Ok Pink is in every photo today. 

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