Monday, October 31, 2016

October Dying Workshop

Fresh out of the machine! I love the flash of colour everywhere. 

I took a 3 day workshop and these photos are the fabrics we dyed in the first day. 

Pastels colours

Shishy Colour

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mystery History

This is my Allietare Mystery (2015) so far. I have a small handful of blocks done. I thought as Bonnie Hunter has released the fabric requirements for her next Mystery quilt En Provence (2016) that maybe I better work on the last one. I get eager to start a new quilt but I have quilt guilt that I did not finish the last one and I want to sew! So I am digging it out and hope to get more done. You can see I made a lot of changes to the colours. Now this years mystery has so many of the colours I used here (no Yellow). 

Quilt guilt has kept me from pulling fabric out for En Provence. I love the colours she has picked out so far, so I am sure I will do it with the rest of the Bonnie Hunter Fans. I have a big enough stash and love the colours so I do not think I need to shop for more. Maybe next week I will pull fabric.  

I have started 5 of her mysteries and many are UFO but one. I have one fully complete - Easy Street (2013). I did change the colour just a bit. I used pink instead of the grey. My grey was too light and I really do not like Grey. I am so much happier with this quilt. 

Grand Illusion (2014) is a quilt top that needs to be quilted. I made another change and used a magenta print in the center of the blocks and not the yellow and blue four patch units. I think I like they way the block is a more striking. I had to do some ripping to fix that as I had half the blocks done when I changed my mind. 

Celtic Solstice (2011) has all the blocks done but needs to be a top. I really changed the colours around. I used the black as my neutral. I started to work on the rows and got lost so I have some ripping to do to fix it. So it is back in the box and needs help. 

Orca Bay (2010) is a top but needs the boarders pieced and put on. It is also in a box waiting. This quilt is a ton of little bits and pieces. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

October blocks

The Black Gold Quilt Patch had their meeting at the beginning of October, 1st Wednesday of the month. The lotto block theme for the month was Halloween and colours were Black and Orange. We had a nice selection of blocks turned in. We had one winner take them home. I hope she sews them up and gets a quilt done for next years quilt show. 

My pumpkin block, it all came from my scrap bins. I thought it was pretty cute. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Almost GONE?

I have so much to tell you. The summer was so busy and so was my fall. I looked at my oldest fiber photos that I forgot to share. Much earlier this year my Surface design group did some wool dying at my house and lead by me. I chose to mostly work on getting some of these silk roving dyed so I could use them in my felting. The blackish roving was yellow but there was some rust in the jar and it went a cool black colour. I am sure I can never do that again. 

I did each colour in a jar on the stove. I used the fast acid dyes that need the steaming heat. 

Outside drying is some of our wool and silk wool fabrics. 

It is out of focus by, here is a scarf Yvonne did, I think it also had rayon in it too. 

Look at this great green and turquoise strip.  

I had kind of a bad summer with my horse. Jester the Dark paint in behind has hurt himself and it was not looking good. Well I can keep him but he might not be sound enough to ride. He is finally off the medications but still has some swelling. This fall I when shopping and bought Ace the new horse in front of the photo. He is so much smaller. We are still working out some ruff spots and learning about each other. So far he is very quiet and good on the trails we did last weekend. 

I will try to get caught up in the next few days. I need to copy more photos off my phone and camera.