Saturday, February 24, 2018

Purple On the Go!

All the purple I got sewn this month. I love to see it all up at once. 
I have linked up with Soscrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018.

I got 9 Poverty Piecing blocks done today. Yes, Crumb blocks, I like to call them Poverty Piecing in memory of a friend Lou. She showed them to me many years ago and she called them Poverty Piecing. I do not have many little bits in the scrap box now, mostly strips and some squares and large pieces. 

Migrating Geese blocks. I do not know if it is a real pattern but I have seen some of these blocks on the internet and thought I would make some.   

My blocks use up 2" squares and then the geese have a 2" by 3 1/2" rectangle. I think that means the blocks finishes to 9 1/2" sq. 

I had 2 of these strip sets and needed one more. I have an idea how I will use them but until I have more done there is not much to show for now. I have 3 done in pink from a few years back. Maybe in a month or 2 I can show you more about what the plan is. 

I found it!
This is my all time favorite rainbow fabric to use for binding. I had some like 6 years ago but then could not find more. Well last week at a 20% off sale, there it was. I got 2 m more of it. I hope to use it as I get some Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts done. I am so happy! 
You other scrap challenge ladies should understand. 

I used the rainbow fabric on this quilt. I had this quilt done in early 2012 and it got a prize at the Canadian National Juried Show in May of 2012. 

I think I will start some string blocks and get some purple strips used up. I got out the old phone pages. I have kept some books. Now what size to make my blocks. I am going to go look around for string blocks. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Blue Spirals

Blue Spirals is a quilt top!

I am very happy to get this one a step closer to being done. In January, I worked on Blue blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018
I think I will keep is this size and use it as a baby quilt. 

Here is a closer look at a block. It is a log cabin based blocks. I received a block like this from a block exchange. I love it and wanted to make some myself. It used up all kinds of Blue strip that were 1 1/2" wide. I did have to cut a few light blue ones that were longer, as you need the longer strips at the end of the block building. 

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I am working on another bag. It is a Bionic Gear Bag from Sew Like a Rock Star. I am hoping to get this one closer to being done this weekend. I sold one of my bags to a local friend. So I need a replacement bag now. I also want to make one for my mom too. 

I showed a bag I made from Sew Like a Rock Star last week. I had the rudest comment. 
Why does anyone waste time to put others down? 

I will be blog hopping this weekend and commenting on the projects I like.
 Hope you like my projects. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stitching Olympics

I have some special fabrics that are from Japan or inspired by Japanese culture. The blue indigo fabrics are dyed by me in a vat. I hand stitched a resist pattern in them and dyed them. The red print was from Japan, I won a pack at the Edmonton guild years ago. Well I needed to stop saving them and make good use of them.  

I like watching the Olympics each evening with my husband. I like to keep my hand busy with something, so hand stitching it is for now. I plan to use my new stitched fabric to make a bag. I think I might put a handle on the bag and use it as a hand bag. 

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Purple Play Time

I got 4 more Honey Comb Blocks done and added then to the blocks done last week. 9 in Total. I think I might have enough blocks. So it will be time to put the blocks together. I could use just a few more blocks of some colours, like Red. 

Here are the 4 new blocks. I love the Blue purples and the Red purples. 

Do you see the crazy purple pears? 
My mom won a fat quarter of that fabric and I asked for a strip, just for this block. 

Some nice deep purples in this block. 

Well on Wednesday it was Valentines Day, so I just had to make a purple heart. 
My spare parts department made it quick!

I few years ago I made most of these blocks. So this week I just made the 2 on the far right to add to them. Someday it will be some kind of a quilt. Just need inspirations for a few more blocks or a special layout. 

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My purple sampler blocks. The top row is the 7 1/2" blocks and the bottom row is the 10" blocks. 

Now all of the sampler blocks together so far. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bionic MoJo Bags

Happy Valentines week!  
I finished this cute bag up in time to give to an Agility friend.
 Can you guess her favorite Breed of Dog? 
Dalmatian of course. 
We had lunch together on Wednesday, so I also put a little tin of homemade Chocolate Fudge inside for her. 

I think the zipper tab on the end looks like her male, Merlin. 

This zipper end looks a little like her young female, Joya. 

I had Dalmatian spots for the inside of the bag. It was just prefect. 

This Mojo Bag uses a Kaffe Fassett collection fabric by Phillip Jacob. I love these large flowers print in the right place. This bag a taller then the others I have made. I will be keeping this bag for myself. Just not sure if I will use it in the sewing room or maybe in my bathroom. I could use a new travel bag. 

Both these bags have a small metal frame inside. They keep their shape nicely and open up and stay open when the zipper is fully opened. I added a inside zipper pocket to this one. 

If you want to learn more about the Bionic MoJo bags you can go check out Sew Like a Rock Star. You can be a free member to see a few free videos she has. Or join and buy a pattern or a membership. I bought a membership for the year and also bought the Bionic Gear Bag pattern and hope to work on another one this weekend. I have the fabric picked out. 

I got a gift this past week. My other agility friend has taken up more sewing and quilting. She made me a Ice-cream Sunday pincushion. The bottom of the bowl can store you thimble and thread too. So cute. Thanks

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pizza Box Exchange - first box

The Leduc quilt guild started another pizza box change.  For the first round I did a pinwheel block, as the box owner wants us to use black and white prints. I have lots of black and white fabrics. Each person started with a box and put up to 1 meter of fabric and the first block. Also it was recommended to put in a little note book. In the note book the owner of the box can put a note about what kind of blocks they hope to get. Also as we finish a block we wright a little note to the owner. It is so much fun to get your box back at the end of the year and read your note book. 

On the left are the 4 fabrics that were in the box. I used 2 of them and added 2 of my own fabrics. I found the block pattern in this great little book. I bought my mom this book for Christmas but then she was away and I kind of took it while she is gone. Don't tell her. It is the perfect book for doing block exchanges or sampler blocks. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Purples

I got some of my Purple honey comb blocks done this week, 2 blue/purple and 3 lilac blocks. 

I have not sewn the top and bottom together yet. It is better to leave them like this and sew the quilt top together in rows of half blocks. 

I got the pattern for the honey comb blocks Here

This post is added to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018 and the linky party over at Soscrappy today. I have also added this post to Oh Scrap.

I worked hard at cutting and sorting my purples this week. A tray of sorted and trimmed up squares and a few triangles at the top. I have 2" squares, 2 1/2" squares and then some 3" squares. I have a few different projects planning that will use these sizes. The sampler blocks over at Soscrappy can be done mostly from this tray. I did blue blocks that were 10" finished and used the 2 1/2" squares and triangles. I might also make a smaller size too. 

This is the main box of purple. Well sorted and looking pretty tidy. 

The bits a pieces that do not fit anywhere. I will use this stack to start a few crumb blocks later in the month. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Scraps Everywhere

I started my scrap busting this week with an over flowing box of mixed up scraps. I had rushed my cleaning back in December and all scrappy bits were dumped in this box. I had added to it a few times, to the point I could not close the lid and parts were falling out. It was getting in the way. 
This week I sorted it all by colour and put each bit in the colour box. I am more ready for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018 now.  

I have linked up today's post with Soscrappy. You can go see more about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and the other great projects others are starting on for the year. You are never behind, you can start at any time, and use up the scraps. 

In the scrap box there was a stack of 2 1/2" squares and triangles, in medium to light blue. So in the very last days of January, I used them to make the sampler blocks in the 10" size. You can find out more about it at Sampler 2018 at Soscrappy. There are a few different sizes that could be done. I still might do a smaller size block too. 

The block name for January is Red Cross. I will say I really thought about doing the center in Red. My Grandmother sometimes knitted for the Red Cross. I might go back and make one Red Cross in red. 

 I used some 30 prints to make this one. Most of the lighter blues I have are 30 prints or sky colour. 

I got 3 blocks done before the end of Janaury. Now on to February and the new colour is ....


I love purple. 

So I got the 4 rows on the left sewn together yesterday. The 4 rows over on the right were done back in December as part of the getting some stray colours done. I am planning to use these strips to make Honey Comb blocks. Now I can cut out the hexagon parts I need for each block. 

Now to go sew more purple scraps into something fun. I think I will check out the new sampler block for February.