Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Saturday of Yellow Happyness

I have two large blocks done that measure 15 1/2" each. 

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I had a little drawing of improve sunflowers, I did some time back. I thought it was time to try a few. The larger block measures 14" or so. They are kind of cool. I lost one little triangle, the dog eat it off the floor. I had better watch those scraps better.

7 Poverty Piecing 6" square done this week. I am getting a good stack of these blocks. I am only missing the blue ones so far. 

Jack in the box blocks. I got three yellow ones and was short a green one so I did it last night. I still am behind and need to make blue ones. 

Coins strips. I got the yellow done last night also. I am behind in all other colours this year. I have some pink and blue set a side but not sewn yet. Maybe later next month I will get to them. 

Here is the design wall with all this weeks Yellows. I got 15 more spools done this week. 

I have done some preparation work for Yellow Hexies but I do not have one flower sewn yet. This is half the work for hexies. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished Fish Pond Purse

Years ago I bought a felted purse and loved it to death. I had to make my own to replace the old one. I started by wet felting the turquoise purse shape with handles and the green locks on the bottom. I knew I was going to put some kind of flower on the two sides. As my purse was drying it had that wet sheep smell and my son thought is was pretty bad smelling. He also thought the green bits looked like the pond slim in our fish pond. 

Now that the purse was dry, I was ready to do the side decoration. The idea of the pond was still in my head. So I did a water lily and a fish.

I used water solvable interfacing, the clear kind, to do the needle felting on. I drew out my flower, fish and lily pad on paper and then traced on to the interfacing. This gave me a base to felt on to and the shapes I was planning to do.  

 Many of the days I worked on this was done with my Surface Design Group. One day to layout the purse base and do the wet felting, then another day to do the fish and a part day to finish up the lily pad and flower.
I needle felting the decoration to the purse all dry then I did a final wet felting at the end.

My fish

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Plants

I have to thank my quilt friend Diane (from my Surface Design Group) for helping me with some plants for this little project. Just as quilters will share fabric they will also share plants with others that garden. I saw some Terrariums on different web sites and the local greenhouse, and just wanted to make my own. I thought my Hens and Chicks would be perfect. But my Hens and Chicks had winter killed in the garden. So I called a few friends that quilt and garden. I traded some hand dyed thread for some plants. 

I had the glass jar. I had bought it at a garage sale a few years back. I had the blue/white plant and the little lacy one. So with little cost to me, I have a new plant feature. My mom is laughing at me and said they did this back in the 60's. I think it is cute. 

More Gardens

The blue irises are not in my garden. I took the photos in May at the Penticton Convention Center, were Quilt BC was. They were perfect that week. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Saturday I went to the Quilt Till You Wilt with the Leduc Black Gold Quilt Patch. We did not have design walls but tables. I got the rows sewn together for my Orca Bay Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. I am pleased with the pink and turquoise that I used. Now to work on the boarders. 

Here is the sewing table with some rows ready to be sewn. 
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Jean had a finished quilt to show off on Saturday. The red side is the front and below is made of flannel and is the back side of the quilt. The quilt is for her grandson. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunny Yellow Scrappy Happiness

Hay! Look at me I am back. Sorry for Missing in action for so long. Life has been busy. Some of you have said you missed me. 

I have gotten some Yellow scraps done this month. I have added this post to Soscrappy's Saturday linky party, I am a day late but it is better than never. Yesterday was a Leduc Guild Quilt till you Wilt day. I sewed all day. 

I have been working on the Sprout blocks again. I got this pattern over at Trace Jay Quilts. I had taken my featherweight sewing machine with me to BC in mid May. I got the Blue and Dark Green blocks done while mom and I were at CQA Quilt BC conference.  A few nights I got a little sewing done in the hotel room. 

April was Green for the RSC2013. I had gotten Lime green done in time and posted back in April. But I still wanted Darker Green done in the sprouts. 

Here are the last 15 blocks together. I have 20 other in the drawer from the first 4 months. Wow 35 blocks so far. 

A few Spool blocks done in Yellow this month. I found this pattern over at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville. It is a Leaders and Ender project. The drawer of these blocks is very full. I may soon have enough for a quilt. I am not sure how big a quilt I will end up with. I just keep going with them. I still need Red done and some wild prints that are not just one colour. 

Here are a few Flying geese blocks. I still have not done these in Blue yet. I am a little behind on the blue blocks. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP what am I doing?

I have been working on my scraps still for the rainbow scrap challenge. Green spools for the month of April and Blue spools for the month of May. June is Yellow I hope to have some to show you soon. Yes I am a little behind. But I am back. The past two months have been crazy busy with lots of Agility, gardening, long arm quilting, just about everything but sewing for me. 

Last month the Canadian Quilters Association CQA had a conference and the National Juried show. My quilt Wed Design 1.0, was in the National Juried Show. Here is a photo of me in front of my quilt. Mom and I and friend Liz had a great time at the show, bought lots of new fabric. 
I guess I should get some better finished photos someday. I would love to take it outside and do some on location shots but it is raining and is wet again. 

This Saturday the Leduc guild is having a Quilt till you wilt day. Should be good fun. Not sure which quilt I will take to work on. Maybe one of the Bonnie Hunter mystery s I have yet to complete.

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