Friday, May 14, 2021

Mini Colour


I am having some colour fun. Mini hanks. I am playing with the colour and yarn to see what I can do. I needed a couple of small ones to go with some others I had dyed already. At least 3 of these are to go with a bigger cakes of yarn. 
Your going to laugh at me. I do not like grey. But I dyed a small one at the left end, well I had to add some more colour on it. HA PINK

I am liking this set together. I think it is very garden flower like. I might have to do more soft colours still. All of these have a touch of pink. 

Lime is over dyed a bit more blue so not so much yellow. The dark blue is also a over dyed as it was not deep enough yet. The medium blue is an over dye of sprinkles that was not great. Better now. Pink is half hank and just to have more pink. You can never have too much pink. 

My experiment with recycled yarn. A few years ago I bought an old sweater at the 2nd hand store to take a part, dye, and reknit. Well I am part way there. 

The cakes need to be put into a hank and washed to get the kinks out. But it is getting some where. It is 100 % wool so I am thinking I might use it for mittens or fingerless gloves. Socks would break down too quickly. 

Ok Pink is in every photo today. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Socks and Bags


My shoes today match my short socks. Love this sea green colour. Of course hand made socks that I also dyed the yarn too. 

Another set dyed with the plan for more short socks for summer. 

I had fun doing the sprinkles on this yarn. I gave the yarn an all over pale pink and then sprinkled the Yellow, Turquoise. and Pink on the yarn. 

I also got this mini iron bag done for my mom. 

I had done two for me and made hers to match another bag I did for her sometime ago. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Dyed Yarn


So this sock yarn is a self stripping yarn. It was a bit hard to plan what I wanted. It might be a nightmare to sort into a ball. I hope it did not tangle to much. I have many many cotton strings to help keep it sorted. I like using cotton because I can see it. Cotton does not dye well with the acid dyes I use on the wool. 

I tried speckles. Well not really happy with it. It is a different yarn and is kind of sparkly like. The undyed parts got very very white as I washed it. It Asperitas from Knomad and has 50% recycled wool and 50% Tencel. 
I am thinking I might over dye this and hope it works better. More dye can help these wimpy colours. 

This set of minis was also Asperitas and turned out great. It takes the dye well but the speckles do spread. On this set it all works well but not on the white one above. 

My order from Knomad, so much fun! 

I hope to do some more dying maybe even today. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Summer Socks


Sock pair #10 for the year finished!
#9 start and finish for 2021! 
 I got these done in time for the spring weather. But where is the warm weather. I love this dyed yarn I dyed in early April. I was thinking about beach and cool waters but also the touch of lime. The free pattern is from Ravelry Rose City Rollers but then I changed so many things.  I wanted to know how to get the roll at the top. Well it is just knit, I used my reinforced heal that I have been doing. Also I tried Eye of  Partridge on the bottom the feet as I get hole there every time. Then I finished it off with my favorite toes.  So not sure I followed the pattern much.  Very happy with the socks and I have enough to do a second pair. Maybe I will but add something like a different colour heal or toes. 

Up next was a big sock repair. The ankle of these socks are what is left of my 1st pair of socks I knitted 18 years ago. I had repaired the foot, toes and heals a few different times. It was time to say good bye. So I reknit from the heal down with new yarn that was at least a good colour match. Pretty good repair. But so cold I have to wear these winter like socks and the short ones. 

What is next?

Well I dyed these mini yarns on Sunday night. I just love them. The two colours I need to remake in a larger volume is the Dark Purple and the lime green both near the bottom. I will maybe do others. Like I group of more blues. 
But I had to use some right now. 

Well the next start! colour strips! in a short sock! 

How fun is that? 
See Why I need more Purple and Lime. I just had to use them right as quick as I could. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Quilts for Boys

My Mom, Betty, and I often work on quilts together. These two where done by both of us. My mom did the patchwork and I did the machine quilting. I wanted to give my sister in laws two boys a quilt each. I had given them a baby quilt each but no new ones for years. You can see they are way to big now for baby quilts. They needed small man size at least. 

This quilt I had an Oiler fabric (Edmonton's Hockey team) on part of the backing so we did make it more orange and blue. Both boys love hockey and their dad is a hockey nut. Some winter's dad has build a ring in their back yard. 

Both quilts were done in time for the birthdays they had in Aug 2020. I am behind showing of stuff from last year when I hardly wrote on my blog. 

Dog friends - I have not gone to the herding breed yet, the cattle dog is their dog.