Sunday, May 2, 2021

Quilts for Boys

My Mom, Betty, and I often work on quilts together. These two where done by both of us. My mom did the patchwork and I did the machine quilting. I wanted to give my sister in laws two boys a quilt each. I had given them a baby quilt each but no new ones for years. You can see they are way to big now for baby quilts. They needed small man size at least. 

This quilt I had an Oiler fabric (Edmonton's Hockey team) on part of the backing so we did make it more orange and blue. Both boys love hockey and their dad is a hockey nut. Some winter's dad has build a ring in their back yard. 

Both quilts were done in time for the birthdays they had in Aug 2020. I am behind showing of stuff from last year when I hardly wrote on my blog. 

Dog friends - I have not gone to the herding breed yet, the cattle dog is their dog. 


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