Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pink Saturday

I have four more Pink Dear Jane blocks done. I have been making my Dear Jane with the Kaffe Fassett Collection. I just love the pink Pencil fabric, it is kind of a stripe but is not but it adds movement. 

I have a page for my Dear Jane blocks. I have all the colours planned out and mark them down as I complete them. Dear Jane Page

I also did B-4 in the blue, it is called Chris's soccer field. I was just at my son's soccer game Friday night, but his name is not Chris.  I am apart of Jane Stickle face book group and the feature block was B-4 this week. I must ask, Do you see this as Black and Blue or is it Gold and White? 
I think next week is B-5 that I have done already in purple. That might be the the March colour? Maybe.

I had done some tulip tops but then did not get the leave and stem done. Well, this week I completed them. 12 pretty little pink tulips. 

I kept going and got the Blue tulips done too. There happens to be 14 blue ones.

I have added this post to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 Socrappy's link page. 

I am taking the Puppy Gemma to her first fun trial. Wish me luck, she maybe wild today. 
Edit up date - Gemma did great, so much fun! but on the way home I was rear ended. Van has a boo boo, fixable and we are not hurt. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilting a Judy Pattern

I have a good customer in Northern Canada that brings me her big beauties for machine quilting. Her name is Elaine Coumont. I got to do this Judy Niemeyer Mariner's Compass quilt. It was done mostly in batiks which is always a treat to work on.  
The photo of the over all was not great as every time I went to take a photo the sun was shinning
 in and giving it hot spots. 

Some more detail shots.

Here is the middle of the star.

I did lots of wiggle quilting and did a ton of thread changes. Elaine was thriller with the work I did on her quilt. Thank You Elaine for trusting me with the work. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dyed Again

I did some more fabric dying this past week. It take a few days before I can show all the fun colour. First is the fabric in the large zip lock bags. I have dyed 16 pieces of 1m Kona cotton. I leave them for about 24 hours to batch. 

The second day, I wash out my fabric. First I hand rinse each fabric. Then I washed about 8 fabrics in the machine together. The fabric gets 2 full longer cycles with the extra rinse. Dry and fold, hoping that I do not have to iron each fabric (I hate to iron). 

I needed to do more dying for some Door Prizes. The Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild has us pay for our ads with prizes. It only makes sense to me to give pretty fabric. I was having trouble making up nice packages. Some of the fabric I did not want to part with. 
Also the Black Gold Quilt Patch also has a quilt show Oct 16 and 17th 2015, and I want to donate a door prize there too. 

These are the last 5 prizes I needed for the Edmonton guild's year end. Next Fall we start over again. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pink Saturday

I got some more Wild and Goosey blocks done. The first row of blue were from last month. Then I worked on 8 Pink blocks for the RSC2015. I wanted more blue so, I did a 8 more blue ones too. I  did them all with paper piecing. I do not really think of them done till the paper is out. So yes the paper is out now. Then they stick to the wall too. 
I have added today's post to Soscrappy Playing with Pink post and linky party. 

Edit: Here is the PDF pattern for the Wild and Goosey 

I found these blocks. I made then back in Sept 2014, the colour of the month was Orange back then. I did post about some sampler blocks I did but for some reason I did not get a photo of these blocks. They were out near the design wall but no photos and no post about them. The large spool is 8" sq and the nine patches are 3 1/2" . I have most of the large spools that I wanted to get done. Not sure what I will do with them next. Not sure what I will do with the nine patches. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blocks to Exchange

I have another set of 2 blocks done for the KFC Block Exchange group (Kaffe Fassett Collection). I got then in the mail this past hour in fact. I have 1 more set of blocks to do and then I am done with block exchanges for a little while. Well maybe. 

There is talk of doing some kind of block exchange or block of the month with the Leduc Black Gold Quilt Patch. I might have to do that one. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pineapple Crazy

I got the next batch of Log Cabin Pineapple blocks done. I finished another 27 (26 shown) 1 needs a little hand fix up. There is lots of pink scraps in these blocks so I am adding this to Soscrappy's link page for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015. Pink is the colour for February.  

I find I like to do these in assemble line order. Add the red center to all and the first bit of white, then the next piece. However it is taking me many many days and hours to do a set of 25 to 27. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter's book String Fling. I got my mom, Betty, the book for her Birthday over a year ago, it is signed by Bonnie. I think that mom and I may end up making most of the quilts in the book.  If I make the quilt the size in the book, I need 224 of these little 4 1/2" blocks. So I thought I would do sets of just over 25 (in case one block gets lost or cut). So far I have 52 blocks complete out of the 224. 

I got started on the next 27 blocks. I have been doing this in the living room on my older singer in the cabinet. I can watch TV with the family and dogs. I do not let the dogs in my sewing room. Best go, I have Rally obedience class with Gemma later today. 

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

KFC Blocks

I have some more blocks done in KFC - Kaffe Fasset Collection. They are also part of the block exchange. I kind of did an oopps last week. I mailed the last set of blocks to the wrong person. She is forwarding the blocks on to the correct person, so I have made her an extra block, 3. 

I have had some trouble reading the patterns. This pattern gave me the most trouble. I did the purple and green block 3 times before I got the block the correct size. The other 2 are too small. The bottom star is from earlier on. I will save these for some kind of mixed up quilt. I have so many miss matched blocks I am sure there will be more then 1 miss match quilt. 

Last week our Leduc guild did a little block making demo for program. We had 4 tables set up each with a different block. Brenda our guild President did the 8 easy triangles and then made all these blocks with the method. So really she showed us so many more blocks. She drew on the back of the light fabric a grid with the cut lines and the sew lines. Then you sew then you cut then apart. Lots of triangles. I needed a photo of all her pretty blocks. I have always loved how much you can do with triangles. 

This year I am on the program committee, I am in charge of the Quilt Till You Wilt Weekend.  I am also second to help out with a few other things like the retreat. I will help take the guild ironing boards and irons and step in if our leader should need help. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

In the Mail

I got these 2 blocks in the mail this week. They are off to Washington state. 
They are part of the KFC block exchange. KFC is Kaffe Fassett Collection. 
A quick little post today.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blue scraps

I got a few more nine patches done in January.  

I also did some wild geese blocks. The first one I did was multicoloured. But then I did a few in just blue. I love these ones. I guess I am stating a new block for the Rainbow scrap challenge 2015. I may need a few more Blue ones. 

I have added this to Soscrappy's linky party.

The month of February is Pink. I have done all kinds of sorting out my Dear Jane. I have all the fabric picked out for Pink. So now to get to them. I hope to get one block done today. 

Sorry it took me so long to post I miss placed my camera. Not really lost, I just did not know where I left it.  

Gemma playing with snow balls outside.