Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunshine Saturday

We are having great spring weather this week and rest of the 7 day forecast is on the + side. Half the land is out from under the snow, so it really feels like spring. At this rate we may not have any snow left by the end of the week. But we will get more snow someday. We have been knew-en to get snow in May and stick around for a few days after. 

I have been working on my Yellow Spring Tulips. I also did a few Bees to go with them. I have a box with all colours of butterflies so they may end up all together in one quilt. 

The grey dot fabric is so cute. I got a scrap from my mom about year ago. I like the grey better then if it had been a black. I do not have much grey. 

This tulip had to be fussy cut to get the yellow. It is a pastel rainbow fabric and the yellow is not very big. I had made one mistake and had to see if there was enough yellow left to re-cut 1 more piece. I got it done. 

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All of today's blocks are from this book Quilty Fun. I have plans to do a few apples and then apple cores with the yellow apple flesh showing. I think I have all the parts cut out now for 3 apple core blocks. That might be today sewing between all the driving kids around today. One son is working with friends in town on the science fair project. The oldest is off to a party tonight and wants to be driven and picked up late. 

Gemma and my son cuddling with a quilt.

Happy Pie Day. We have plans to bake Peach Pie tonight for after supper. 3.142015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tin Box Exchange

The program committee at the Black Gold Quilt Patch (Leduc guild) did a Tin Box Exchange a few years ago. I did one set, we had 2 groups at the same time. After all the boxes were done with 6 blocks we drew names to see who won each of the boxes. I won the Spring box. I am kind of thinking it might be nice to get a table runner done in time for spring. I did the Tree block. I have a top done now. We will see if I can get it quilted and bound before Easter. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Colour of Sunshine

I have 2 Dear Jane blocks done so far. The left one is D-7 Meeting place. Without realizing it I picked to do this block with a fabric called Babble. Meeting Place and Babble, kind of funny. The right block is A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry. 

I had this last bit of pink to finish up. 25 nine patches to put with all the other nine patches. 

Here is my box of yellow scraps. It is one of my smaller boxes but I still have lots to work with. 

I have a far bit of yellow to do this month, so here is a list.
  • Tulips
  • Bee block
  • Apple cores
  • 9 Sampler blocks
  • Dear Jane blocks and triangles
  • Wild and Goosey blocks
  • Flower block 
  • And I can always work on getting any rainbow quilt top done or quilted too
I really must get a quilt top or 2 done soon. The 2 quilt guilds I belong to have quilt shows later this year. I have not finished anything new for a while.

I have my Pineapple log cabin blocks out today. I am very close to being done the next set of 27 blocks. Why 27 you may ask, well it turns out I can get 27 units of 1 strip of the red fabric I use in the center.

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