Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lime Green Easter Weekend

I got a little more lime scraps sewn up. I finished my small set of 7 1/2" sampler blocks. I have them here with the purple ones from February.  

I got a few Migrating geese done. 
The real Canadian geese have returned this week to our land of cold and snow. They are having a hard time finding food, all the fields are snow covered. 

So this week's blocks on the wall together. At the end of the month I like to show a nice full wall of all my rainbow sewing. This month I still want to do a bit more so maybe next Saturday I will show all the lime together. I still have some string blocks I want to do and the larger sampler blocks too. 

Here are the purse and book cover panels wanting to get finished up. 

I have linked up with Socrappy  for more Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Jacket

One week to get my new Spring jean jacket done. I love how the Tim Holtz fabrics went with denim. I really liked the Blue Tailor fabric as it is so close to denim. 

Look what I did for a hem, I used the waist of the old jeans. I was able to match up the button and button whole. Love how the belt loops come up and attach to the patchwork. It was so worth it to use old jeans. 

I finished the jacket off with old Brass buttons. The top one is a horse head button I got in Huston in 1999. The others are all a little different. 

Picking out buttons for the jacket was a big deal. I got out many different buttons, here is my black and white glass buttons. I did not like the all black ones, too dark. Also white was not great either. 

I got laying out the different styles on the front. I was starting to think the blue grey shell ones where a winner. How ever.

The brass one won out. Sorry kind of a dark photos, the sunlight was fading. 


For the back of the jacket, I used 2 legs of old Levi jeans. The sleeves were cut from one leg of a second pair of jeans. The old recycled jean fabric is so soft.  See how the waist runs around to the back of the jacket too. 

The lining of the front part is a indigo shibori dyed fabric I made some years ago. I like to put a surprise inside my jackets. 

Now if it would warm up for spring I could wear my Jacket. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Pizza Box Block

I got a block done earlier this month for the Pizza box block exchange. I got looking in a sampler block book and found this block. Well not really this block but this is what I made. I did not fix it to the block I was trying to make. I used 2 of her fabrics and added 2 for my fabrics. 

Triangles and small strip sets on the ironing board. 

Also this month I got zippers! yes lots of zippers. 100 of them and in so many colours. I can make all kinds of bags. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Barn Block

On the weekend, Sunday, the Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild had a workshop on painting barn blocks. It was so much fun. The ladies that ran it did a great job!
 I did an eight point star. We used outdoor house paint. 

There were great pages to show us how to lay out our blocks on the 2 foot plywood boards. This one is for the 8 point star. 

I have used my good frog tape to mask the area for the red paint. There is one extra bit of tape. 

My red paint and the white but it does not show with the base paint. I did do a bit of touch up at the end. Not much as my frog tape was good. 

I am not sure were in the yard I will put this block. It is meant to hang on your barn. My hubby says no way. I would like a larger one for the real barn, then it could be seen from the hwy. I might put it on the horse fence or maybe in the corral on the horse shed. But my horses could nose muck it then. Later this spring/summer I will get it hung up. 

I have added this post to Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts  

Monday, March 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday

My Design Wall has been busy this weekend. I played around with nine patches and some Tim Holtz fabric, this was the final layout. I have started to make another new jacket for myself. I love the dark blue fabric and thought this all would look so good with Denim. 

I took apart a few old pairs of jeans. I also gave the leg parts an extra wash. Some legs looked like they were not real clean and they did come out cleaner. 

I took the belt waist area off 2 pairs for an idea. We will see if I like the waist used or not. 

So I got both side of the front of the jacket together and then did the machine quilting. 

This is the patch work I started with. I ended up making the nine patches the other way. So 5 dark units with 4 in the corner. So I had a bit of resewing to do. I am happy with the end way. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lime Green for Spring

2 weeks ago I had made this green background. I worked on making Hexagon flowers to go on it and got them appliqued in place. The plan is to make a bag. In this photo, they are only pinned in place. 

I have been unable to make a blog post for a while. My computer broke. I have gotten a new one. I think I finally have all that I need now to do my normal computer work. I did not have email. I had my phone and could go to facebook but I do not use it to do web stuff as I have a laptop. What a pain.

Friday after working, I got the machine quilting done. I did tiny leaves all over the green and also quilted the flowers in matching thread. 

Here are all 3 pieces. The top 2 for the bag and the large bottom one for a book cover. I still have the finishing to do still. But my new fabric is ready for the projects. 

I trimmed up my 2 piles of triangles. I need them for my sampler blocks. 

Here is a tray of more cut units for blocks I have planned. 

I got 1 sampler blocks done today. It is the smaller 7 1/2" blocks. I still plan to make more 7 1/2" and 3 in the 10" size. My units are done and ready to sew. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Spring Green

Spring is in the air, NOT here. We got a dump of the white stuff today. You know up to your knees stay inside, shovel every few hours or lose track of the the drive way. 
So I got to stay in and sew all day. 
I got a few strips and squares sewn in to green patchwork. My plan it to make at least a bag, maybe a book cover. I have not really thought about what size I need for sure. 

Also I got a ton of sorting and trimming down some lime green scraps. 2" sq, 2.5", sq 3" sq, then strips that are 1 1/2", 2", 2.5", and 3" strips. There is also the larger chunks and a pile of the dark green that was in the wrong box.  I will be more ready to make my sampler blocks this week and the few others blocks. 

I finished up some of the purple still this week. I had lots of triangles left, so I made pinwheels. I also make a patchwork of purple for a book cover. 

I have been thinking of doing a string quilt for sometime. Well I got a good start on some blocks. I prepared my papers 8" sq phone book pages. I still have 6 or 7 phone books hidden away for paper. I am using then a 1" strip of white kona down the middle. Each side of the the blocks will have a different colour. So far I have 12 purple halves done. I think I will get out graph paper and colour in a plan. Then I will know how many blocks and what colours to do. 

I got this patchwork quilted later today. Just before supper. 

Close up of some quilting. 

I have a quilt going to the National Juried Show! I got happy mail this week. I have keep this little quilt off the blog and I will show you after the show opens near the end of May. I might know a judge or 2 and I do not want them to know what quilt is mine. So it is still off the internet. 
No, you have not seen it. 
I am going to make you wait. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Bionic Gear Bag for mom

Finished another Bionic Gear Bag, this time it is for my mom. I told her I would make one for her and plan to give it to her for Mother's Day, I guess I am early this year. I am sure she will love it. 

For mom's bag I have added some special zipper charms. 3 of the charms are made from scrabble tiles, a B, an M, and then Donald Duck. Dad's name is Donald. Then a photo transfer of my dad about 3 yrs old sitting on an old Ford car. I had made some photo transfer charms a few years back and this was an extra.  

You can see I made this bag Bright! I am very happy with the family of bright colours. I have added 2 vinyl pockets, one in front of the orange pocket and one in front of the first pocket. She can put paper note in the large vinyl pocket and maybe needle packs in the front one. 

This bag is also larger than the original pattern. I have made the bag 12" wide not the 9" as in the pattern. I also added a stiff bottom in the lining so it does not fold in the middle. I got the pattern over at Sew Like a Rock Star. I love her patterns they are so worth it. I joined the site and bought this pattern and the mother load bag. There are so many great videos. I love to watch the videos and seeing how fussy I can get. The Facebook group site has some other good ideas from the members. 

Here is the all zipped up photo. I am also very close to finishing up my bag too. I still have some hand stitching down the binding.