Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Feather Fabric Repeats

Many more Hexagons are getting done. Today I show you the latest 6 blocks I have made using Kaffe Fassett collection Feather fabric. 

If you are new to the Hexagons I am doing. The Book is called The New Hexagon and then there is a group on Facebook doing a quilt a long called Glosious Hexagons so many of us are using the Kaffe Fasset Collection of fabrics. 

Block #35 Sharon This block uses all 1 1/2" diamonds. So far I love the Sharon pattern and I know I will be doing more of this block.

#25 Marjorie, I am so pleased with how this one has turned out. I love how it spins.  

#35 Sharon, The light blue diamonds were from the Feather fabric and the dark blue is Begonia Leaves 

#13 Judy 

Block #9 Doris. This block makes me think of star fish in the ocean. 

#13 Judy again. I have used a deep purple hand dyed with the feather fabric. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Bowl

I got my first fabric bowl done. I had been resisting doing a fabric bowl. I had been giving one so I did not think I needed more. Well early this month I was asked to join some Agility Dog friends on a Saturday sewing day. They were going to make bowls.  We did lots of talking about our dogs. 

I had to finish mine at home a little later but I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I love the colours. 

I have added today's post to Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish Up Friday

Here we are at Kathy's all showing off the fabrics we are going to use. Note the yellow Dog Daisy May in the bottom corner. Yes dog hair on fabric goes well together. We also had a great lunch with home made bread and soup. 

The start of mine. I realized I should have been sewing the other direction with the circle on the outside. I had to change that. 

My Fabric strips and the cord with fabric wrapped on it. Note the black and red bowl. That is the one I was given a few years ago. I made mine new one kind of the same but a bit bigger. 

One of the bowls coming along nicely. 

And another one with a great start to it too. She has sparkly fabric. We all wanted some of it. 

Happy Easter weekend. 
Gemma and I get to play at agility on Saturday, we have a trial all day. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marbling Fabric Day

My Surface Design group try to meet once a month and have a play day with our fibers. For March we did a day of Marbling or Gel printing with paints. I did marbling, here is my table space already to start. On the left is my hand dyed fabric cut to fit in my pan. I remembered I had my camera with me and used it. 

Dianne was getting started with a gel plate and some paper. She wanted a better stock of papers to make more cards. 

My first few fabrics with the marbling paint. 

Yvonne and Dawna did both gel printing and marbling. 

Look at what Yvonne did to her marbling paint. Wow love it. I missed getting a photo of the paint on the fabric. 

My fabrics all laid out with the marbling done. It is all very wet so it looks pretty dark. 

A golden yellow with marbled paint. 

Some of yvonne's fabrics drying before she packed them home. 

Dawna did some papers and the bottom one is Dianne's.

Yvonne and her magic again. 

I still have to heat set my fabric and wash and dry them. Then maybe I can iron them and get a good photo of each fabric. I will have a little bit more pretty fabric to used again. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pizza Box Exchange Wrap up

I did the last block I needed to do for our Pizza Box Exchange. For this last box I needed to make some kind of Log cabin block and use the blue fabric in the center. Also she wanted a little bit of the lime green. I had fun looking about my strings to get out more blue and green to add in. I love the strip in there. 

So at the March Black Gold Quilt Patch meeting we got back our Pizza Boxes. Here are mine blocks. I had added lots of dot fabrics and asked for sampler blocks. I love them. I did the top right block. I got lots of lime green which I love. So I think I will make some more blocks to add to it. At least 3 more blocks, so I would have 12 blocks. I am thinking it should have a purple boarder. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

KFC New Hexagons

Most of the sewing I have done for myself since the Christmas holidays has been hand piecing this little Hexagon gems. 

I used Hand Fans to make block 11 Susan. I think this Susan block is one of my favorite blocks to do. It works great for the 6 repeat fabric I have used. Expect a few more of these, I have many cut already. 

All green #27 Victoria, I really like this block and love how it looks so 3D. 

Green for your St Patrick's Day.  

I used the orange Pansies for this block.   

Caroline Block #5 I cut out the 3 flowers and then I just had to use green like it was leaves. 

Purple #27 Victoria, the medium purples are 2 of my favorite fabrics. 

Here is my working box. I am using a cute tin chocolate box that One of my kids got for Christmas. It is just perfect. I can fit a weeks worth of sewing in here. 

This poor flower had a ouch! I got it with my big scissors as I was fussy cutting out some fabric. I have the ouch fixed but the block is still not done. It needs the little outside diamonds.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lotto Blocks

The Black Gold Quilt Patch did the monthly Lotto Block again in March. The theme this month was Baby and the colours where Purple and Green. We had a few frogs, a turtle and a fish. It is so much fun to see what everyone makes. 

I did a pinwheel block. I thought it was a good block for a baby quilt. 

April's lotto block is string blocks with multi coloured and half light colours. I have been resisting showing them what to do. I want to see how creative they can be. I have some ideas what I am going to do.