Monday, January 28, 2019

Red String Blocks

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019 is working on your Red scraps this month. My reds are in good shape, sorted, many blocks made last year. But I did not get my Red string blocks done till this Saturday. I got 14 half red blocks done. Some Lime and Purples were done to those are done ready to be trimmed. 

Then I had computer trouble. My editing program is not working well. I could not resize my photos. Well today I got it partly done but with a different program. Not really happy with what I used. So I am still in the hunt for a good program that is easy and quick to use. 

Here is one block ready for another colour on the other half. There are Chickens and Cherries prints. 

More Red is over at Socrappy. So many ideas for scrap quilts. Check it out. This looks to be the last Saturday of Jan so Feb will have a new colour, looks like that might be Yellow. 

So it it Monday I will also join the Design Wall Monday over at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts

Friday, January 25, 2019

Socks Finished

Every winter I slowly work on hand knitted wool socks. I got this pair done recently. I can now wear them but it is to be warm for a few days. Maybe Monday as it is to get cooler again. 

Here they are on my feet. 

When I looked at this pair, they had just one toe to finish up and tuck away the ends. I think I started them back in 2016. So I guess last year I did not really finish any socks. 

The yarn pattern was not a real match up. But they were the same lot number. 

I have more socks started again. Also I have some I need to repair. I always put holes in the ball of the toes. Sometimes I can redo the toe but then the heals go in just a few more wears. Some very old ones I am using new wool and knitting new feet. the angle does not wear out. 

I have added this to Confessions of a fabric addict.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Red Scraps

The Design Wall this week

For many years I have followed along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
This year I will be doing more scrap sewing again. 
RSC 2019 here we come!

6 1/2" blocks made with 2" squares

I have done 9 - 16 patches. I had some done but they had one square a different colour. I have decided that I wanted some full red. I have a few colours out of control but red is in good shape. I already had all the red 2" squares cut and ready to go. So easy this week.
 Next up in red should be some string blocks. 

 16 blocks 4 1/2" Pin wheels in Blue

Last year I had trouble with my blue scraps. Way out of control. It took me most of the month just to trim and cut and sort the boxes of blue. So I did not get these sewn together. So this year I need to do some other colours now and then, like Blue and Green. 

Also I have to work towards getting tops and quilts done. You might see me working on odd colours or the tops and quilting. I am hopping for more finishing this year. There are some quilt shows to enter. I also only quilted 2 of my own quilts this past year. 

These Red blocks are from Canada's 150 Women blocks. My mom, Betty and I are working on the blocks together. I am way behind. Only 25 block of my 75 done. So here are 4 more blocks, 6" square. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Mom's NCW

Yesterday I posted about Gaylene's NCW I made her for Christmas. I realized I forgot to post Betty's NCW I made her back in Aug 2018 for her Birthday. 

I have used a warm lime green leather for the out part and Tula Pinks Squirrels for the flap. My mom Betty, loves lime green and turquoise just like I do. I used gold metal findings on this one. 

Here is the inside view. So the squirrels on the inside flap again, and then the side and card slots are my hand dyed fabrics. 

Here is my Frog wallet and Betty's squirrels together. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

NCW for Sister in law

For Christmas I worked on this wallet for my Sister in law. The pattern is called Necessary Clutch Wallet. Or NCW it is called. I used a dark Navy leather on the outside and for the handle. Then I used Tula Pink's Owl print for the flap and sides. The solid purple is one of my Hand Dyed fabrics. 

There are 2 areas to put your cards. I also did this inside flap so you can put your cell phone inside and not have it flip out. 

The hard ware I used is the Rainbow finish. It was so perfect with the Owl print. I hope she loves the wallet. I know I love how it turned out. 

On the side you can see I used Chicago screws and then did not sew up the sides. I did it for my wallet. After I am happy with that part I put a dob of glue in the screw so they stay in place.  

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Orca Bay Top Done

I have been working on Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts for years. Yesterday I got all caught up on the  last step of Good Forture

So what was I to do?

I got out Orca Bay today and got the top done. 
First Finish of the year. Now to put it in the list for machine quilting. 

Here is a little more of the detail. The corner is pinned and pulling a bit. 

I also did a little bit of Cleaning. I sorted out all my zippers. Oopps I have a few zippers. I would like to get them hung up some where. Thinking of what I can do to hang them.