Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue Days update from yesterday

I have an update on my Blue Days of Summer quilt. My friend Dawna is in London ON at the National Juried Show and tells me, my quilt got a ribbon. I got third place in the class it was in. Wow, I like this quilt but I really did not think it would get a ribbon.  I will have another ribbon to add to my wall.

OK now to work on next year's quilt. Not sure I have time this month to start something new but maybe this summer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue Days Of Summer

 This quilt is currently on display at the Canadian National Juried Show in London ON this week. The National Juried Show opening was last night. Today it is open to the public to view. I can now show my quilt to you.

I named the quilt Blue Days of Summer, it is about 60 by 80 inches. I did most of the indigo dying in the summer of 2001, when my youngest was a new born. He is now 10 this year. This winter I got digging in a box of fabric and found all my Indigo fabrics. I had hand stitched many of the fabrics when I was pregnant. A few fabrics were folded and clapped to get the patterns. Others were hand stitched to get the pattern into the cloth. The hours of hand stitching I did was enormous, and all the hand stitching comes out after dying it.   

 This piece was rapped with large broccoli elastic bans, then dyed. I did the small pebble quilting around the hole. I think of these as Pot Holes in the Garden Path. I have a name for almost all of the pieces of fabric.

This piece of fabric was folded once and hand stitched. I think it looks like Garden Trellis, you know the diamonds.  I quilted it with a curly vein that I like to do on my long arm.

Thank You for viewing my quilt. I want you to know this quilt is one of the quilts that got my back on track this winter. When I found the fabrics in the box I just got them out to play. In a matter of a day I had desired to sew them together and make a lap quilt. So over the Christmas holidays this is what I worked on. I got it quilted in early January in time to still enter NJS.

PS I do not know who won yet at the National Juried Show. If you find out let me know. Other else I have to wait til my quilt is home to find out or till the CQA posts the winners on their web site.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Customer`s Quilts


Here are some great quilts from one of my customers. She would like to stay anonymous. The first one is a New York Beauty table runner. I love the colours, lime green and blue.

 The bottom quilt was a lap quilt to be given away as a gift. Lots of fun fabric in this quilt.

Later this week is the Canadian National Juried Show and I can show you my enter on Wednesday. I got a call from the committee people today so I think the judging is happening today. They were asking if the machine quilting was on a long arm or domestic machine, Long arm for me of course. If you are any where near London Ont. You had better look into going this week. You do not want to miss the quilts.