Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red Flower

I got one red flower block done this week. Not much for scrap busting. I did a few yellow ones last year but I can not find the photo. I am sure it is somewhere. I still have a few red blocks I want to get done and then there is the catching up from the other months, yellow, and green also have some work left. As you can see these are many year projects.

Happy Sunflowers. It is an older photo but maybe you can see the block looks a little like a sunflower. If not, What kind of Red flower does it look like? 

I have linked up with SoScrappy.

Gemma Pup and I went to Dock Dogs today. We got a 3rd place in junior. We had so much fun. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Red Saturday Scraps

I got my Sprouts done. I have been waiting for Red so I could finish up these blocks. I have 5 blocks done in each Red, Pink, Purple, Lime, Green, and Blue blocks done in sprouts. I should have enough blocks to make a cute little quilt. My design wall is a bit busy so I will wait before I did all the blocks out to play. 

My small ironing board cover is very sad and full of wholes, so it was time to replace it. 

Here is the new pale Yellow cover. It is nice to have a clean new cover. Good enough for photos. 

 I got a few stacks of nine patches done. I think there are 30 here. 

I also got a few Heart blocks done. I had lots of squares and triangles left over from the sprouts, so I used a few more scraps up. 

To see what the other quilter's are making with their Red scraps check out Soscrappy.

Last week I was away on Saturday and did not make a post because I was too busy with my puppy. We went out to try Dock Jumping. My friend took a video of us Here. It is 5 min long so really only go see it if you are interested in my crazy dog adventures. We had to much fun and she learned so much. Love my little Black Girl. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Quilting

I have had a very busy week. We have done some fun stuff with the kids but I am trying to keep up with doing some work on customers quilts also. I love Batik fabrics and this quilt was all batiks. So much fun to work with. 

My customer loves turquoise and so do I. We of course chose turquoise thread to quilt with. 

You can see the machine quilting better here. My customer picked it up last night and love the spirals I did on her quilt. I think it is a gift for someone special. 

I have no patchwork of mine to show you this week. I do not think I have done any of my own quilting. Too hot to turn on the iron this past week. We just cooled off with a morning shower. Maybe I will sew later today. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scrap Quilt

Love the scrap quilts. This is another customers quilt that I was asked to quilt. It is so much fun to look at all the different fabrics used. I have some of these fabrics. I love how much lime green is in this quilt. 

She saw my leaves and loops quilting pattern and asked me to do that quilting on hers. I think she was very happy with it. 

So nice to give the completed (or almost completed) quilts back to customers. 

More flowers in my garden. This white rose is very smelly. 

Today my Surface Design Group is off to go shopping for some wool and lunch. We are also going to start to gather plant for some natural dying. We may have to stop on the road sides to gather our weeds. Later this summer and early fall we hope to try natural dying. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KFC Blocks

I have been doing a few internet block swaps or block exchanges. Both of the block exchanges have been with Kaffe Fassett Collection  (or KFC). I asked for Log cabin blocks back in April and in June I was to send out this 1/4 log cabin block. The institutions we got were very good and I really like this block. They are on the way to the new owner. I hope she likes them. 

I have had lots of Golden finches in the yard this year. I was able to get a photo this time. They really like my fish pond. I think the sound of the water running also brings them in to the yard more. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Customers

I have a few more quilts I have done for my customers that I need to show off. One friend worked last summer do the machine applique on this quilt then left it with me to quilt well she was down south for the winter. So this was done a while back I just forgot to make a post about it.  I just love her work. 

Every part of this quilt was so well done. It ways makes my work easy to work on her work. 

This side view shows off the quilting a bit better. 

I still have so room to do more machine quilting this summer. So if you need a top quilted just let me know. 

I have many flowers blooming in my garden. I took a quick photo of my large rocks and wagon wheel. I have a white rose flowering in the back there. It is so smelly. To do not for get to stop and smell the roses today. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hexies at Work

I have been back at the Kaffe Fassett Hexagons again. I love having some kind of handwork to play with. Most of these have gotten done in the past two weeks. With our long days I can work on some of them in real sunlight. 

I got a descent photo of Gemma walking past the foot stool with the hexies on it. She is growing up so fast. She is kind of the silly teenager now. She loves to get a stick and run around fast playing you can't caught me games. I have been playing Hind and go Seek then. Or I ask her to come tug the toy I have, so far that has been working well. 

She is checking out the hexagons. She loves to steel them on me, but is learning they are not for her. I have a few more flowers prepared to sewing. 

Over at Kathy's Blog, she has a link up for slow stitching. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red Scraps

We have a new month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 and the new colour is Red. I got a few sampler blocks done last month but had not posted. I finished my Purple blocks and got 5 green ones done for April. I still need Yellow sampler blocks from June. I hope this month I can get the sampler blocks all caught up. I still have to do 4 Green ones, 9 yellow and now 9 Red ones. 

I got out the Red scrap Box. It is one of the better sorted boxes. It is not over flowing but there is enough to play and have some fun. 

I did not have lots of sewing time today 1st son is in city finals for soccer, so I sat in the sun and got a little red myself. Yes sunburned. I got to finish this 8" spool block. 

Next I sorted and cut and was preparing more red scraps. I am in need of 5 Sprout blocks. I was hopping Red would come up.  I need to get these Red blocks done and then I can think about how I want to finish my sprouts quilt. 

Last week some of the quilters doing the RSC14 showed off the mid way point of their work check it out Here.
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