Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blue Scrap Saturday

I have been working on my Blue scraps this month, Just not getting around to posting about it. I am doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014. I did 2012 and 2013 yet I still have tons of scraps. If I run out I can cut some older fabric to add to the box. Bits of fabric like older fat quarters that are half gone. So slowly I will use up some of my stash too. 

So far I have a few of the blue sampler blocks done. The top right one is an extra I had the parts for. Some of the blocks are all blue and some have a neutral as the light fabric. 

I also have always had lots of 2 1/2" triangle around but was running short of Blue ones. I have an idea for a block or blocks but needed more 2 1/2" triangles, so I have made a few more. One of the block ideas I have, has more then just blue in it so I may not get to it right away, but the Blue Triangles are ready to go. 

I also did some cutting for a few blocks I want to do but did not get them sewn yet. Maybe I can try for next Saturday. Till then they are cut and ready to start. 

I got this cool little pincushion as a gift over Christmas. We did a pincushion exchange at the Leduc quilt guild and this is the one I got. Love it.  

Me and Gemma the day I picked her up. 
Just a warning that you may see lots of puppy photos in my blog this year. 
I am off to a Dog Agility trial today with puppy in tow. 

I will add this to the link for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 when I get home later today. I did the edit.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Finish and Puppy Love

I have been really busy this past month and not much sewing. I also have had computer troubles. Sorry for not posting much. 

I got this table mat done. I have some of these heavy cork mats but they are looking sad so I made a cover for one of them. I used all selvages and used a "quilt as you go" method.  

There are some very cute selvages.

I have added the post to Crazy Mom Quilts

Here is the back, Limes. I first made the pocket in the middle but the cover would not go over the stiff mat so I had to change the opening at one end so the mat could go inside. I will know for next time.

Cuteness Overload.

I got a new puppy. This is Gemma my Black Lab Pup. Now you know what else has kept me busy. We picked her up Jan 1st at 8 weeks old. These photos are just a few days after we got home. I already need more new photos, she is growing. I have plans to do Agility with her. I might have to get in shape and learn to run faster. 

Here she is next to Lex, wow what a size difference. 

Now that I seam to have some of my computer trouble smoothed over maybe I can get back to posting a few times a week.