Monday, January 12, 2015

Blocks remade

I got to work on my Grand Illusion Mystery quilt at the end of Christmas break. I got 12 blocks done then started put them up on the wall. TOO Much Yellow. My yellow was bright and I was not sure I liked it. I will not finish it if I do not like it. So I looked around. 

On the left our 3 blocks with different bright pinks I had used. OK but I was still not sure. So the 6 in the middle have a Painted Daisy print. I liked them, I had just bought the fabric a little bit ago. Yes I wanted to change it. 

I think the light is a bit different these two days.

I now have the fabric in the middle changed and all 25 blocks made. I am much happier with this for a quilt. I have some of the sashing and comers just up on the wall so I can see if I like it. I am good to keep going. 

Now to get the sashing on and blocks into rows. I am not sure about the boarder but we will see later. Do the parts I know for now. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Blues

Blue scraps for January sounds about right. Christmas is done and we are back to the same old same cold. We have had a cold week. Some snow and some bad roads. Blue and icy all around. I also kind of slid into the ditch today. Me and my van are fine, thanks to the nice man who towed me out. 

Last year I got doing the 6" sampler blocks. At first I used what ever lights. Then I got using lights that were the right colour of the month. I did not like the 4 blocks on the right. So this week I remade the 4 blocks on the left to make up my 9 sampler blocks. 

Here is the 9 blocks. I have added this to Socrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015. There the blue blocks are all fixed up. I have many other blocks to do in many other colours so the sampler will be at least a 2 year project. 

Today I worked on these little Lime Green Dear Jane blocks. 

As this is my first post of the year, I feel this need to tell you all what I have planned to do for the next year. Both the quilt guild I belong to have quilt shows this year so I need to do some finishing. So here it is
  1. I work on the RSC 2015  (Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015) I may find I need to finish a few quilts and not start new blocks. So I will plan to work on a quilt that has some of the months colour. So maybe some blocks but I must finish more. I have too many to list today. 
  2. I will keep making Dear Jane blocks with Kaffet Fasset fabrics.
  3. I will keep working on my Hexagons using the  Kaffet Fasset fabrics
  4. I have a quilt to finish that is a joint quilt with my mom. We need to finish it.
  5. I hope to finish the log cabin quilt with Kaffet Fassets that was part of a block exchange. 
  6. I have some blocks from the Leduc Guild tin box exchange I hope to do a table runner with.
  7. I have a Scrap Garden challenge to do for the Leduc Guild past president challenge. I think I have all the blocks done. 
  8. Maybe I should get at least 1 or 2 of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts done. Easy Street is a top waiting to be quilted, 3 others in block form need to be made into tops then quilted. 
  9. and more. 
Happy New Year to you all.