Saturday, November 24, 2018

Another Mystery Quilt

On Friday the first clue for Bonnie Hunter's New mystery quilt Good Forture came out. All over, many of us quilter's that follow Bonnie, got started. This week I have been featuring many of my old mystery quilts. I am not very good at finishing them. But I love to get started.  I feel I need to start with the rest of you. Why resist ? 

Today I show you En Provence, the mystery quilt from 2016. This quilt is not blocks yet. I worked hard to keep up until I had to put the blocks together. I have disliked the yellow. So all the units sit in a box. 

Here it is with a pink. Still not right. I might have to go back to the yellow. Not sure. I also had some trouble with a bunch of units. I did not read correctly. The units with Green had o be done over a few times. 

Today I got to do some cutting and sewing for Good Forture. Wow love all the little Red four patches. I almost did it wrong again. I started with some red scraps that I thought was the correct size. Opps. I had to put them back, they were too big. At the last minute I checked Bonnie's page and did the cutting correctly. So I started a page with short hand of sizes colours and the number of units. I need to stay on track. 

I am just getting started. Here is a look at the first little bunch of four patches. So many little bits and I love it. 

Not loving the yellow stained ironing board. Might have to fix that someday. 

Not one red was bought for this quilt. It is all stash. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Orca Bay

As I have waited for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt Good Fortune, I have been reviewing my old mystery quilts. This one was the first I did as a real mystery and I blogged about it each week as we got the clues. It was tons of work, so many tiny strings. I now love doing all those strings. 

So Bonnie first step is out for Good Fortune. I will be starting this weekend. I have been working today and later I will be out doing Agility with my dog, Gemma. Saturday and Sunday I can get started. 

These units are for the boarder. 

This green and peach quilt is my Mom's quilt. Her's is done and given away before the year was up. My mom is so good not to have too many UFOs. Me not so much. 

So to recap the mystery's I have worked on and what I need to do to finish them. 
  1. Roll Roll Cotton Boll 2010 - done
  2. Orca Bay 2011 - needs boarders and quilting
  3. Easy Street 2012 - done
  4. Celtic Solstice 2013 - still needs rows sewn and all else
  5. Grand Illusion 2014 - top done needs quilting
  6. Allietare 2015 - Finish the top and quilt. rows half done. 
  7. En Provence 2016 - Put blocks together
  8. On Ringo Lake 2017 - still have to finish blocks
  9. Good Fortune 2018 - ready to start

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Easy Street

Easy Street is the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt from the fall of 2012. I am continuing to show you my past Mystery quilts. 
I got this quilt done in 2016. I started out with all Bonnie's colours but then my Grey 4 patches were yuck. I had used a light to Medium grey and it just blended with my white prints. I took them out. I think I had 5 or 6 blocks done with the grey. 
I added the pink instead. 
WOW what a great change. 

Love this quilt. So glad I made the change. 

I ended up using the grey 4 patches in another quilt. See how good they look here. Love how the 4 patches worked well here. I made this quilt with all kinds of left over patches form quilts.

With just one day till the clue is out, I have picked out my fabric. I am taking out the orange and putting in Pink. I love the Blue Green and Red together. 

You can see I have a few fabrics with cute stuff. Pink fish, Blue bones, Green with more dog stuff and the bunnies on Red. I think I will be happy with this little change. Not sure I wanted that much orange in a quilt. 

So one more day till Bonnie release clue #1 of the  Good Fortune.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Roll Roll Cotton Boll

I first found out about the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts from my Ante Arley. The Roll Roll Cotton Boll was almost done when I found out about it. I got told I should print out the pattern right away if I wanted to do the quilt. So I did. The first photo is Arley's quilt, I quilted it for her. The pattern is now in Bonnie's book Spring Fling. I love the book and might end up doing most of the quilts in that book. 

Here is what my blocks were looking like. 

The stacks of blocks.

The quilting is done but it did not show up in the photo. 
I do not think I have every shown this quilt done on my blog before.

Here is the quilt complete and on a bed. I did make it bigger with an extra row. My mom helped me finish this quilt and then we gave it to a family member getting married. The Bride loved it. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Celtic Solstice 2013

Celtic Solstice from 2013 is the next mystery quilt I am showing this week.
 Of course it is a Bonnie Hunter mystery again. 
I have all the blocks done but they are not put together into rows yet. 
I have notes that say I have one block turned wrong, and marked with a pin. You see the first row is together but one block got rotated. I have a little ripping to do to fix it. 
Then I should be sewing the rest together. 
I used black as my neutral and really love it for this quilt.  

I am looking forward to the Good Fortune Mystery again this year. The first clue comes out Friday. I hope to work on a few of the old mystery quilts while I also start the new mystery. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mystery Quilt Time

It is so close to Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt time. 
The first clue is Friday Morning. 
This year the name is Good Fortune.
 I have started many of these mystery quilt but have not got many totally done. 

Today I started to pull fabric out of my stash for Good Fortune. 
I am not done but maybe before Friday I can fine tune my fabrics. 

This is my Grand Illusion quilt. So far it is just a quilt top. I could not find a photo of the top so I got it out this week to get a photo. I forget what year we did this one. Must be at least 3 years ago. 
Maybe this week I should post about a few of the other mystery quilts I have worked on. Get them out and see what I have to do to get them done. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Rainbow Top

Rainbow quilt top is finally done. I keep thinking I will get a better outdoor photos but we have a snow mud mix outside (snow today). The quilt is large and takes up all of my design wall. 

Here I was looking at what I could use for a sashing and a boarder. I interviewed nine patches in all the rainbow colours. Kind of OK for sashing but maybe too thick and large. The triangles for a boarder was OK too but the angles just did not do it for me when the blocks were so square. I was liking the fine strip of printed Rainbow fabric. 

I did one rainbow strip set and hung up, Yes piano key boarder was more what I was looking for. 

The blocks are together in this photo and I am double checking the strip sets for the piano keys. 

I looked back and some of the blocks were made back in 2013. 

Pink and lime green.

Green blocks, also found in the 2013 photos. 

I will add this post to Socrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge on Saturday and Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Guild Blocks

Four little blocks for the Leduc Guild Shoe box Exchange. I got these done last week just before our monthly meeting. I almost forgot to get them done. Good thing they were pretty simple blocks to do. I think they took my 1 hour. The Shaggy black KFC fabric was to be used and they we were to add one print to the blocks. We started by cutting a 10" square of the 2 fabrics. It then gave us 2 blocks. I used my KFC Fabrics. I got them handed in and took another shoe box to work on. 

Also the Leduc guild has been working on these blocks for a raffle quilt. They are taking sometime to do. There is still another step to do. It is a mitered log cabin that you do not do the normal log cabin building. Two red strip sets will be sewn together to make 2 triangles. There was a shortage of red blocks done so I brought home some red, added to the red strings and got 6 done. 

One green block done and was used as a demo block at the guild meeting. I did not make this block, not sure who did. But it gives you the idea of what we are doing. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

What have I worked on?

Yesterday I was teaching Many Trips Around the world.  I few of my dog agility friends wanted to learn to quilt. So I had a class for them. This is the newer set of blocks I got done to show how we could change the setting. This is the start to the next quilt on the design wall. 

Look at all the fun fabric in this quilt. Yes a real mix of nice fabrics. Batik, Tula and KFC. 

The week before, on Saturday, I was teaching scrap quilts. The Battle River Quilt Guild had me out to teach. They have been quilting for years and have many scraps to use up. My quilt Bounce Ball was the main class sample and the units we were making could be used to make the ball or the Friendship star. I kind of laughed as we could call this star block - Crumby Friendship Star. 

Here is bounce ball on the agility equipment and the ribbon it got a few years ago.