Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

I have been looking back at 2018 and thinking about the new year 2019. 

Good Fortune is a good start to the new year! 

My mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter this year is Good Fortune. I have been working on a slower pace this year and yet I am all caught up with Friday's last clue 6. I think I just have to iron and count clue 3 the little green triangles. I should have enough. You can see I have pink added in, it is my replacement to the Orange.

Clue 6 the neutral strings, done and counted. 

I have linked up to Bonnie's Link up Monday

Yesterday, I was at a friends house doing a painting class. Paint your pet! So much fun. The black purple puppy I did back in May, my Gemma. Yesterday, I painted Lex, the Brown Chesapeake Bay. He is no longer with us but in memory. 
I think it turned out Great. I think I showed of his personality perfectly. 
My husband wants to hang up this one for sure. 

Lex playing at Dock Diving. 

Looking back at mine and Gemma's Agility year, I could not be happier with our team. We had a great year even with missing out the first few months to heal a toe. We took out all our title ribbons but 2 more are missing. We got some big titles this year. Hoping our 2019 can be just as much fun. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Gift

The first Christmas gift has been given and has a new home. Last week at the Leduc guild we exchanged gifts, it was to be for your table. I made a tea cozy with selvages.  

Here is the other side.

When I had the two halves done and trimmed to size. 

I made the cozy kind of quickly and this is what my floor looked like when I was done. My bag of selvages had exploded. 

I will have to show what I got! soon. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Ringo Lake

Last year the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt was On Ringo Lake. I did not work on it much in early 2018. As a waited for the next mystery, I have dug out the old mysteries and took a look at what I needed to do to finish. Well Ringo Lake has a ways to go. So I have worked on it the past couple of weeks. 

I got the Chevron units together and I finished the blocks. I did as I used the current mystery clues as Leaders and enders. I now have all blocks done. There was only 12 blocks done so this took some time. Now I can put on the chevron units and start to think about putting the blocks in to rows. 

Close up of a block. 

Good Fortune is under way! 
If you want to do this years mystery, Check out Bonnie Hunter's Mystery site. Last Friday she released Clue 3 so easy to get started and not be too far behind. 

I have all of clue 1 done the Red four patches. I have a few more to trim up on clue 2 the Blue Triangles. Then I a just starting clue 3 the green chevrons and little triangles. I do have all my fabric cut out for clue 3 and have done the test sewing. I am getting them the correct size so now I can be full steam ahead. 

I just love to use these white flannel pallets to use as I sew. I can see the fabrics laid out in the counted piles. I use the pallets to take my units to the ironing board or the design wall. 

Once I have the units done and counted out I use one of these 13" square boxes. I can see what is in the box. I can take the project with me if I am sewing somewhere else, like mom's house. I use these blocks for most of my quilting blocks. 

Bonnie is also doing a link up for this clue #3.