Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Paula Rafferty Class

I got to do a Paula Rafferty class for 2 days earlier in May. She was in Edmonton. 
I am slowly hand quilting this painted hand dyed fabric. I am using hand dyed thread too. 
It will be my background for my collage. I also have some stenciled leaves in gold also on it.  
Then I will add my paper bits and more stamped parts. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pink Scraps

All kinds of pink was used up this week. I got a good hold on all those pink bits of fabric. 
I love to see the design wall full of one colour of blocks. 

I got three 7" sampler blocks done. I still plan to do the 10" blocks too. I had them laid out ready to sew and they fell on the floor. Maybe next week I can get them done. 

All the 7" sampler blocks together. Again I love seeing so much up on the wall. I did not do small light blue blocks. I might have to fix that but I think I will just wait and see. 

Migrating geese. 

So many pinks. It is a good exercise to work on the shading of one colour. 

Next up was getting some pin wheel blocks done. I have no idea how I will use these, but they are getting done. 

I have more to do next week. Here is the ironing board ready to keep using up the pink scraps. 

Also got up early and watch another Royal Wedding, I think it must be at least #5 I got up to watch early. My grand mother and I got up together to watch Princess Diana and Charles.  

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday Scraps

I worked hard this week to finish up my Yellow. Yellow was April's colour for the Rainbow scrap challenge. I do not have any string blocks but I got the rest done. Here is my big wall of yellow all together. Sampler blocks both 10" and 7 " blocks,  then pin wheels and to the far right is 6 migrating geese blocks. I love blending the colours on those blocks. Sometimes yellow was challenging to get the light to dark. 

I have a few interesting yellow scraps. Love the little doggy. 

My pin wheel blocks. 

So I worked hard on my pink scraps. I cut and cut and trimmed and started to do some sewing. This block was I close as I got to having something to show you. 
Pink is May's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018. So much left to do. 

Trimming many triangles up so I can do my sampler blocks. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy's linky page.  I have had trouble with it so not sure if it is all working but give it a try. 

More lined up for the iron. So I have lots on the go and should have more by next week. I hope to get a little time to sew on Mother's day. Then my mom and I are going to a quilt show together. Then supper together. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gemma Painted

I painted my puppy Gemma. My friend Kathy had a paint night at her house Saturday. It was a fund raiser for a dog club. It was so much fun. I picked this sweet photo of Gemma when she was about 12 weeks old. 
I am so happy how it turned out. My Purple Pup.
I might have to do more painting of some of my other dogs gone.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

MoJo Bag Show Off

I got to show off my Mojo bags today live on facebook today, with Sally. 

My Mojo bags I have made using the Sew Like a Rock Star pattern. All 3 bags are from the original size but just taller. Bright red and yellow bag was with a exact size and uses the 2 by 8 frame size. Then I made the purple flower bag a little taller. Again the 2 by 8 frame was used. The tall indigo bag was also the 2 by 8 frame and the same width but I just started with taller fabric. To see more photos of the Indigo bag go check out the link. 

Here is a better close up of the hand stitching I did on this bag. The patches were basted down to a muslin foundation and then I hand stitched using number 30 DMC crochet cotton. 

I added leather handles by using Chicago screws and I did it before I sewed up inside bottom seam. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Honey Comb Quilt

The Honey Comb Quilt top is done! I finished it up at Retreat this past month. I got my hubby to help and get a quick outdoor photo. We have wind so this is a good as it got today. At least the colour shows off best in the outdoor light. 

I am very happy with how it has turned out. I started it with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 about this time last year. We were to dig in our scraps that were multi coloured or dark. Well I had a few scraps to work on. I sort scraps by colour and many of these prints did not fit in to a colour box. 

I will add this post to Soscrappy on Saturday when she puts up her link page to Scrap Saturday and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

The indoor photo at retreat, late at night after everyone else is gone to bed. Retreat was Great! 

I also got a NCW done. What? NCW Necessary Clutch Wallet. I made this one with gold Vinyl and the KFC prints.   I was given a large box of vinyl and just had to make something with it. Now on to other vinyl colours. 

Inside there is some hand dyed gold and pink fabrics. 2 zippers and pink card slots. So happy with this wallet. 

One of our guild members is moving and had a Garage sale today. I had to go. I got 2 books for $5 each. Then a large scrap bag behind the books. I also found her batiks she was selling. good deals and I did not go crazy. I also got some free fabrics to make some dog beds and stuffing to put in them. I guess I need to make some more beds.