Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Blue Spiral Quilt

I got the machine quilting done on this little blue quilt on Saturday. I now have the binding to do. I should have it done in a few days. I like to hand stitch the binding down. 

I few people have asked me about the design of the block. It is a log cabin done in a spiral. I got a block in one of my pizza block exchanges done by a friend. I am sure it is out there as a basic block. I used 1 1/2" strips of fabric. I think my blocks were done till they measured 12". Half the blocks have 3 light sides and the other half of the blocks have 3 dark sides. Then I could get them to lay out with out 2 dark or 2 light strips beside each other. 

I quilted it with pale blue thread and did a spiral design all over it. It is so nice a warm.  

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Red Scrap Blocks

Big wall of Red Scrap Blocks. It is close to the end of the month and we are almost done with Red. I still have a few more blocks to do and many scraps to use up. 
I love the wall all in blocks. 

I got some pinwheels done. 

I got some hexagon flowers done. 

These are the migrating geese blocks I finished up. 

I got a little more done for the Honey Comb quilt done. I had some red blocks done but so of the colours I had 4 or 6 blocks so I figured I could use a few more red ones. Not sure how many blocks I have now. This might be time for the design wall soon. 

Red talking turkey blocks (a Bonnie Hunter pattern from String Fling). These blocks take sometime but do they ever use up bits of fabric. There are some blocks just over 2" used and the little triangles then all the strings needed. Lots of fabric used up here. 

I had the pink one well started but not done. This week they got done. 

Now I have 3 colours of the talking turkey blocks done and they look good together.  I have the yellow blocks started but not done yet. 

I have added this to Soscrappy

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Red for July

I finally got a few blocks done with my red scraps. July is the colour Red. I find I spend the first half of the month sorting and cutting my scraps. These blocks are called Round the Corner and they are for the Squared Away sampler. This top set of blocks are the 10" blocks.

This is the 7" blocks. 

And both sets up on the wall. 

There is the whole set of 7" blocks I have done. I could still go back and do Jan in light blue. They look so good together. 

Next up is flying geese. I do them for the migrating geese and I have extras for later. 

Today I just got started on the Migrating Geese Blocks. So you know what I will be working on this week. 

To see more scrappy fun go see the link at Soscrappy 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Succulent Pots

I have been playing with my plant this spring. I finally have enough little succulents to make up some new pots. First was to clean up my fish bowl and replant it. So cute. 

I used used older clay pot here. I also had a ceramic ornament to add in. 

3 new pots

Well after taking photos of my new pots an idea hit. I added some shells and sand dollars. It sure makes the fish bowl look fuller. 

Cute little plants and shells. I am sure by next year the shells might be hard to find.