Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Designing with Shell Repeats

I was able to buy a 6 repeat of this beautiful shell print. It is one of the KFC (Kaffe Fassett Collection) fabrics. The repeat is 11" by about 12"  so I am not sure it maybe one of 4 possible repeats that they had for sale. I got the fabric from Quiltessential in St Albert. 

Block #35 was the first one I did. I used some shot cotton for the outside triangles. 

#35 again. I love this block and will be making a few more. 

This block is #9 Doris. I love how round and turning this block looks. 

And another #35. It can look so different with the repeats. 

I love how well this block turned out. It is Block #3 Sarah. 

I laid out the blocks and they look like a dog bone. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

The New Hexagon

My 6 Judy #13 blocks done and together. Yes more Blocks from The New Hexagon. I just can not stop making these blocks. I hope they will all fit together well. I slow down on the final piecing of quilt tops sometimes. I sure hope I finish this one. 

#13 Judy

#13 Judy

#13 Judy

#35 Sharon, I think this is one of my favorite blocks to work on. 

Block 12 Brandi, I love how soft this block is. I just hope it fits in or I will be doing more then 1 quilt. 

Back to stitching more blocks. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Designing with Repeats

So working on my hand pieced Hexagons again. Well I should say it is all I have done for a few weeks now. Loving it.
I had enough feather fabric to get 6 repeats. So I dove in and started cutting. I worked at getting 6 repeat layers all lined up. I used pins to pick a point like a end or special wiggle. Then I used my templates to cut all 6 layer at one time.  

Oh just look at it!

Then I glued the fabric to the papers I use. I can see what the block is going to look like. I had some blue triangle to try out. OK but maybe I can find something else. 

Then I tried out a dark purple hand dyed fabric for the triangles. They were too dark I think. 

I went looking for something green like the back ground. Yes I liked these triangles. 

Here is the finished block all sewn by hand. 

I have added today's post to Design Wall Monday over at Judy's blog. 

Here is another block also done with 6 repeats of the feather fabric. 

This is a Judy block done with the feather print again. The green fabric is a hand dyed. I love using my hand dyed fabrics with the KFC fabrics. 

This was another option for these cut Hexagons. But I liked the one I did best. 

The Design Wall. So far 3 blocks done with the repeats. I sure am loving these repeats in my Hexagons. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day 

I have done more pieced Hexagons. These two hearts were done with a free Pattern I found from Katja on her Hexagon Quilt a long face book page.  
I have had a great weekend. First on Saturday I took Gemma to a Fun agility trial. We had fun playing and visiting with our friends. Then in the evening I had a fundraiser casino to go to. 

Look what I won. The grand Prize a new Iphone. Crazy lucky me. 

Today I did a bit of work, made cookies and hung out. Now to have a great supper. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dog Collars and Leashes

So I am a little crazy and have started working on something new. Leather works. I have always thought it would be fun to make and sew leather, but the sewing leather part needs a new sewing machine. A very big investment. So I have been looking into smaller projects. I have a black leash that has no sewing but some kind of twisted knots. I wanted to make one or two!

I have been playing with my leather bits and parts. Staining and punching holes in my leather. 

This collar is for Gemma. I have her name stamped on it and my # in case she got lost. It is a little heavy so I am not sure I will make her wear it every day. Maybe for a special show. I took 5 photos of Gemma wearing it but they are crappy. One photos did not even show the collar at all. 

This pretty set, collar and leash, I have given away. It is being used as for a fund raising for one of my agility teachers, a member of the Canadian AAC agility team going to IFCS later this year. I think I will be making a second set for myself. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Hexagons

5 more blocks done. I have so many more cut out and started. I spent large part of the day preparing more blocks. I hope to get a few stitched tonight. 

#3 Sarah, this is the second of these blocks I have done and I am sure I will do a few more, already have 3rd one prepared.

Block #8 again. I love pink and blue together. 

# 13 Judy block. I used the plink fabric for the petals and then a hand dyed fabric for the center and the little diamonds. I love how most of my hand dyed fabrics got with KFC. 

# 13 Judy block, I used this little rose with almost all the same repeat. Look close not quiet the same but almost. 

#13 Judy again, the same print, this rose was beside the light pink one. 

Off to stitch a few more from my box. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Lotto Blocks

We had great turn out for our Lotto blocks at the Leduc Guild. We had a total of 20 blocks handed in. Great to see. It was our first meeting in several years since we had done them. 
We asked members to make a 12 1/2" block. We were looking for Heart themed and to use Red, Pink and White in your block. We had 3 blocks that were done with embroidery machines, they were a hit.

Next month is Baby themed using Green and Purple as the colours. again 12 1/2|" block, made with cotton fabric.   

Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday Feb 1st

Pizza Box Block at Leduc Guild. I think this should be the 2nd from last block I needed to do. Wednesday I should get my last box. March meeting I should be getting my block done. Let's hope every one else is on time. 

On the wall, I had a plan. Fail! I hate the look. I wanted light but it looks like a baby quilt, too much pastel. Good thing I did not cut it all out. I will have to rethink this out. No baby pink or blue. I think I will pack it up and start over. 

Hand knit socks getting done. I dyed this wool too. There are 3 large strips of colour. Just a few more nights of knitting left to do. 

I have added this to Design Wall Monday by Judy