Friday, August 31, 2012

Betty's Scrap Quilt

I am the speaker at the Leduc Quilt Guild next Wednesday night, the topic is scrap management and scrap quilts. Panic time! not really but I need to get me butt in gear. I have lots of ideas and I know what I want to say. I am planning a small hand out but do not have it on paper or in a computer page yet. If you are in the area and want to come to the meeting but need to know more, email me. I think the guest fee is $4.00.

Back to Betty's Scrap Quilt. I got this quilt quilted for my Mom, Betty. We plan to take it with us as one scrap quilt. The pattern was in Nickel Quilts.

Here is some of the quilting. I wanted it to be nice but did not want to spend extra hours doing fine detailed quilting, so I have used my leaves and loops all over the centre area and then some more leaves on the two boarders with a varrigated blue thread.

Here is the centre area. Mom has used the barn raising setting for the quilt. It is now at her house ready for the binding. I have the binding and need to get it back to her, oops.

I picked more cucumbers and squash again today. We are having Greek salad tonight with garden tomatoes and cucumbers.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday Aug 27th

Monday Morning and I am looking back at what I got done this month. Not a great amount of patch work but I did quilt one of my quilts on the Aug long weekend so it helps make it look more productive. I worked mostly on my rainbow scrap challenge with this months colour being teal/aqua/turquoise.

I have added this post to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday

I got a few more hexie flowers done on the weekend. I love these. I am thinking I will appliqué them to some kind of patchwork.

Don't buy cucumbers! 

A bit of a joke in our house now. My mom bought some from the farmer's market and told me not to buy cucumbers. Well my garden is over run with them so I told her Don't buy cucumbers. I will be sharing these. I gave some to mom and a customer that picked up her quilt last week. 

Thank You so much for all the great comments. I love them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Horse Camp More Photos

My Husband took his camera and I thought I would show you the photos he took on our trip to Horse Camp.  Once a year we try to make it in to the Rockies for a horse camping trip. A week of hard riding. This top photo is my dad, Don, on his horse. There was a chance of some rain so he has his long rider coat on. I should tell you my mom comes to camp but does not ride ever. This trip we are four horses and five riders so each day someone stays at camp with mom. 

Socks, my husband's horse, on lunch break.

Love this photo of my boys each on their horses. They hardly know a photo is being taken so it's good.

Here we are getting back on after a lunch break. It shows the mountain so well. We camp out next to the Hummingbird creek and had ridden to the top of the Canary creek. Up here we are getting close to the tree line. I should tell you we had great weather most days. Just a little rain and warmer at night then some years we have gone.

Here I am at my lunch break. This horse is Scotty, my older son normally rides him but on this day I rode him. I still ride in my English saddle. I had extra rings added to it so I can get a good set of saddle bags and my long rider coat attached to it.

We rode our horses again today. It was nice to have another family ride around our place today. Next is getting ready for school and the end of our holidays.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scrappy Saturday Teals

I have been away at Horse Camp this week. I did package up a little bit of teal scraps to do some hand sewing. I thought I would like to do some Hexes. I got three flowers fully together.

Sitting on my lawn chair table are some more teal and yellow centres for a few more flowers.  I have added this post to Soscrappy. As these can be added to my Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2012.

I got my son to take a photo of me but it is not a great photo of me. Hat hair and squinting from bright sunlight. To see more about our horse camp trip check out my earlier post for today.

I also packed my star stuck lime quilt and my little rainbow place mat that need binding done, but I did not work on them at camp. Just to dirty and windy to work on large quilts. The Hexes were perfect in a little bag at my lawn chair.

Edit Sunday - I have added this to Kathy's Slow Stitch Sunday and Sew Many Ways Crafty Party as I have continued to work on a couple more this weekend.

Horse Camp 2012

I just got back from Horse Camp last night. We have tons of unpacking still to do. We (the family) packed up the horses and the camper and head to the mountains to do some serious trail riding. Lex our Chesapeake Bay Retriever also comes with us to camp and trail ride for a week.

This was one of our highest climbs. We are more than 400 m above the level of our camp up here. We had a seven hour ride this day. We rode up the Hummingbird trail and down the Canary Creek trail.

This was part of the way down, though the valley towards Canary Creek. The view is beautiful here.  

This is the Hummingbird Creek were there is the cutest little step falls. I have been here one other time and have the photo on my face book profile.

The dog and the kid were sleepy.

The horses were sleepy too.

I sure hope we can camp again next year. It is so much fun.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lap Quilt

I have some more machine quilting to show you. I did this sometime back and planned to show you but I guess I got busy. It is a quilt one of my customers had done. I love the choose of fabric.

It is stipple quilted with a white and grey thread. Look there are dots.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday Dresden Plate Runner

I started this runner some 15 year back. It was Before Children BC. I think most of the fabrics are Northcott fabrics. I have it hand basted together and was planning to hand quilt it. I have gone around one plate.  That's it.

I dug it out this past week because I have thought of starting a new Dresden plate quilt. Surely I should finish this one before I start another one. I may just finish it with machine quilting and get it done. Not sure if I have any binding for it. Might have to add this to the UFO list 2012. Not doing very good on that old list.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jelly Roll Quilted

I got this quilt done for a customer recently and she was so very pleased with it. It is a jelly roll quilt and she has added the cream muslin as the background and a turquoise boarder.

This shows some of the detail as it is still in the frame and hangs a little loose. 

 I just love what she let me do in this quilt. I have been using a sketch to draw out what I think we could do on the quilts. I was please this idea came to me and she liked it in the book and again on her quilt. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainbow Place Mat Binding

I have got a start on my bind for this little place mat. I am trying out the new binder clips I won from Kathy's Quilts. I have added today's post to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's.

 Here is the front before the binding went on. It is quilted with the little pebbles.

And the back again because it is so cute on the back.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scrap Saturday Turquoise

Blue Improve blocks made with Hand dyed fabric

I got a little done on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 this week.  I started with two blue 12" squares, maybe not what some would call scrap but they were not yardage size. I would cut and cut a double line through both squares then sew then together with the opposite fine line inserted. They are a little less than  10" now but I like them. Not sure what I will do with them.

To see what the others have been doing for the RBSC 2012 go see the links at Socrappy.

I also got some poverty piecing done with my light blues and turquoise scraps. You can see some of the pieces were very small. I made this one with a better straight edge then some of the others. 

Here are some of the other Poverty Piecing I have done the last couple of months. I really do not have a plan for these. Not sure what will come of them. It is a bit like free fabric because they are some of the smallest bits and what else would you do with it.

To see more on what I have been working on for the RBSC 2012 over the months check out Scrap Saturday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Quilt Books

I ordered a few books and they have arrived. I got the Gee's Bend book without seeing it before and I am please to say I love it. Lots of eye candy.

I also got these two. I may not have needed them but I will have fun trying a few things out of each. I am not sure of the Free Form book, some of the pieces are a little busy looking, but maybe it is because the other two books have so many solid fabrics and this uses more prints.

I was in the garage cleaning out the van of dog stuff. Mr Lex got a hold of three of his dog toys. I thought he was so cute to hold all three toys at one time. He was not going to let them fail out.

My boys cleaned my van for me. Vacuumed and washed out inside. So nice to have a clean van.

I have been very busy long arm quilting and hope to show you one or two quilts soon. Not much of my sewing going on here. Maybe some blue later today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bad News Good News

Late yesterday I went to drive my van and found a flat tire (Bad news). So my husband filled it and off to the tire shop I went today. I had a screw in the tire.  I took my star struck quilt to work on the hand binding. Wish I had a photo of me sitting in the tire shop with my quilt on my lap.

The good news today is, when I got home, the mail had little package of goodness for me. I won a Blog give a way over at Kathy's Quilts. Last  month she was celebrating 1000th posts and had a give away. She contacted me and told me I had won and today the prize arrived. Thanks Kathy.  The best part is I thought it was binding chips and marking pins and when the prize arrived it had three fat quarters in it also. I did not realize the prize had fabric too.  You should go check out her blog. I love seeing what she is working on next. She has a Slow Hand Stitching linky party on Sundays.

After my tire was fixed I went to check out a second hand store my husband told me about. He is so good to encourage my habits and hobby. Someone he works with told him about some singer sewing machines and tables. So over his lunch hour we went to check it out. I found this one. It is in good shape. I need to change the electrical cords on it but other wise it is in good shape. We plugged it in and it runs nicely. My second good news for today. Now to get it out of the van, Husband I need you again.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday Aug 13, 2012

Wow Aug is flying by quickly. I did not get any patch work done this week. I finished quilting Star Struck and started the binding. I got more machine quilting done for customers, but I did not spend much more time in my sewing room.

Saturday I got to the Tolfield quilt show and did some shopping at the market mall and the local quilt shop. I bought this crazy Yellow fabric. It was on sale for $5/m so I got 2 m. I am not sure what I will do with it, but am sure it will show up in my scrap quilts for years. The yellow made me think of the Gipsy costume my mom made me when I was about 7 in the mid 70's when you could not find many cotton prints.

I have added this post to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laurel`s Big Black and Cream Quilt

Last week I worked on this great quilt for my Bee Group friend Laurel. She wanted this king size quilt to be covered with feathers in the large triangles and the boarders. I knew what I wanted to do when she said feathers. It has turned out so well. Laurel was pretty excited to see it done, that she said she should find a quilt show to put the quilt in.

Here are some close ups of the quilting. I was daring enough to use black thread on cream fabric and cream thread on black fabric. It did mean I could see were I was quilting. 

Last week, we had some very hot days and evenings. The basement was the best place to hang out and I did quilt many nights. One night it was around 2:30am when I finally went to bed, I was quilting. I laughed because sometimes I have been asked when do I sleep. My answer should be between 2am and 9 am.

Sorry these last two photos will not turn the other way. I do not have an editing program that fixes this trouble easily. Time to talk with my husband again about this.

Here is the back of the quilt. You can see the star block better on the back as I did match the thread colour on the star.

I have a second one of these quilts to do later this winter and she has seen what I did here and wants the same quilting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Works In Progress Wednesday

Monday, I decided to work on my quilting because it was a holiday in Alberta and I wanted to use the holiday for myself. I started quilting on my Lime Green Star Struck. I came close to finishing but not quiet. I need to finish it today and get working on a customers quilt next. I might make some more Jam tonight after it cools down (say midnight).

I have added today's post to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday and Needle and Thread Network.

I have left these two photos a little larger if you want to enlarge the photo to see it closer. I still have to finish the blue stars and the last of the boarder.

Look what I won.

Yesterday I spent the day in the city. Mom and I went to the Funereal of a old quilt friend. A perfect services for an old friend. Then some shopping, supper and then a quilter's trunk show, complete with a magic show too.  I won these tie silks at the trunk show.

Turtle Bay by Claudia Pfeil

Claudia Pfeil of Germany is in town to teach machine quilting. Last night was a free trunk show. Turtle Bay by Claudia Pfeil was there in person. She is shipping it out to a quilt show today.

This quilt is amazing to see in person. Great work. I will say she spend a large part of a year on just this quilt ( well and running a business and kids ect). But my point is I do not think I could do just one quilt at a time. I get far to distracted.

Turtle Bay close up by Claudia Pfeil