Sunday, August 26, 2012

Horse Camp More Photos

My Husband took his camera and I thought I would show you the photos he took on our trip to Horse Camp.  Once a year we try to make it in to the Rockies for a horse camping trip. A week of hard riding. This top photo is my dad, Don, on his horse. There was a chance of some rain so he has his long rider coat on. I should tell you my mom comes to camp but does not ride ever. This trip we are four horses and five riders so each day someone stays at camp with mom. 

Socks, my husband's horse, on lunch break.

Love this photo of my boys each on their horses. They hardly know a photo is being taken so it's good.

Here we are getting back on after a lunch break. It shows the mountain so well. We camp out next to the Hummingbird creek and had ridden to the top of the Canary creek. Up here we are getting close to the tree line. I should tell you we had great weather most days. Just a little rain and warmer at night then some years we have gone.

Here I am at my lunch break. This horse is Scotty, my older son normally rides him but on this day I rode him. I still ride in my English saddle. I had extra rings added to it so I can get a good set of saddle bags and my long rider coat attached to it.

We rode our horses again today. It was nice to have another family ride around our place today. Next is getting ready for school and the end of our holidays.


  1. Thanks for sharing more about your horse camping! It is just wonderful to hear about activities that are so different from my experience!

  2. Great vacation with the family and your horses. I need another horse for my husbanc so we can go trail riding.