Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bad News Good News

Late yesterday I went to drive my van and found a flat tire (Bad news). So my husband filled it and off to the tire shop I went today. I had a screw in the tire.  I took my star struck quilt to work on the hand binding. Wish I had a photo of me sitting in the tire shop with my quilt on my lap.

The good news today is, when I got home, the mail had little package of goodness for me. I won a Blog give a way over at Kathy's Quilts. Last  month she was celebrating 1000th posts and had a give away. She contacted me and told me I had won and today the prize arrived. Thanks Kathy.  The best part is I thought it was binding chips and marking pins and when the prize arrived it had three fat quarters in it also. I did not realize the prize had fabric too.  You should go check out her blog. I love seeing what she is working on next. She has a Slow Hand Stitching linky party on Sundays.

After my tire was fixed I went to check out a second hand store my husband told me about. He is so good to encourage my habits and hobby. Someone he works with told him about some singer sewing machines and tables. So over his lunch hour we went to check it out. I found this one. It is in good shape. I need to change the electrical cords on it but other wise it is in good shape. We plugged it in and it runs nicely. My second good news for today. Now to get it out of the van, Husband I need you again.


  1. Nice vintage Singer! You've got a Model 15 - it's a great workhorse of a machine. You may be able to drop the feed dogs to do free motion quilting with it. The bobbins have huge capacity, too. Hope you enjoy sewing with it!

  2. Great find with the sewing machine!

  3. Oh what fun!!! I love squishy presents in the mail :*) And it looks like Kathy gave you the royal treatment... she's such a sweetheart!!! Love your new machine. You just can't beat those old war horses :*)

  4. Congratulations on the blog win- it looks like you got some fun things in it.
    I love your vintage sewing machine- It has a lovely cabinet too- How old is it? It looks like it would a fun one to piece on.
    Nice find- I am glad your day had some good things that happened- a nail in the tire is never fun.

  5. So glad it arrived safe and sound...enjoy! AND enjoy your new treasure...looks like a beauty!