Friday, August 31, 2012

Betty's Scrap Quilt

I am the speaker at the Leduc Quilt Guild next Wednesday night, the topic is scrap management and scrap quilts. Panic time! not really but I need to get me butt in gear. I have lots of ideas and I know what I want to say. I am planning a small hand out but do not have it on paper or in a computer page yet. If you are in the area and want to come to the meeting but need to know more, email me. I think the guest fee is $4.00.

Back to Betty's Scrap Quilt. I got this quilt quilted for my Mom, Betty. We plan to take it with us as one scrap quilt. The pattern was in Nickel Quilts.

Here is some of the quilting. I wanted it to be nice but did not want to spend extra hours doing fine detailed quilting, so I have used my leaves and loops all over the centre area and then some more leaves on the two boarders with a varrigated blue thread.

Here is the centre area. Mom has used the barn raising setting for the quilt. It is now at her house ready for the binding. I have the binding and need to get it back to her, oops.

I picked more cucumbers and squash again today. We are having Greek salad tonight with garden tomatoes and cucumbers.

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  1. I just love scrap quilts and this one is yummy! Love the way you quilted it :*) Good luck speaking - I know it will be a great success!