Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

 I need to get back to my UFO list and set a few goals. I feel in the summer I work on little jobs not making any big commitments. I want to get back to working on Adam`s quilt (Adam above). I keep thinking him and I will work on it but I think he wants me to just do it.  I think I will take Adam`s Quilt to the Leduc Quilt till you Wilt day next week. We will see how much I can get done.

I have Orca Bay (in the background of top photo) in a box and may take it to a retreat in Oct. So not a Sept goal.

The bottom five row of my spider web quilt are still in the box. I think if I write here that I plan to work on it then I will. Make me feel guilty just a little and maybe I will work on it.

I need 10 more string blocks for my RRCB quilt. I could take then on a sew day or work on a few for a few evenings in a week then they would be done.

I will keep working on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012. I have many different blocks for many different rainbow quilts on the go. I have been very good to work on a few blocks each month.

I would like to quilt one of my quilt tops but I am undecided which one. I have a plaid log cabin, squares on white and shadows, Bad to the bone, and the mystery I did with the Leduc guild in May. All of these have backing ready to go. I may find I have to wait till the Oct Thanks Giving weekend to do my quilting.

I am also hoping to get some more fabric dyed before winter sets in.

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  1. I'm kinda like you...... if I make a list of goals and post it on the blog, it much more likely to get done. That's quite a list you've got, but you can do it.