Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday Sept 10, 12

I had one of the busiest weekends. I sewed with good friends on Saturday then I had a dog agility trial on Sunday. My parents helped out with my kids. The dog and I did great at our trial with two passes and we get to move up a level in one of the agility games. 

Now my wall and to see other walls Patchwork Times. I have taken up Bonnie Hunter's Leader's and Ender's challenge this year, the 3 1/2" spools. I did some more blues and started doing some Orange from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I was far too busy to make a scrap post on Saturday so I am showing them off today. 

I added this to the Scrap Saturday as the blocks are apart of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 at Soscrappy's Saturday post.

I also got the first three hexagon flowers done. We still just see were they take me. 

Today is a little cooler and I expect we will get frost this week, maybe Tuesday night. I keep picking more garden. I picked 16 cucumbers this weekend. They are taking over. I do not have enough room in the fridge so they sit on my counter.

I have also picked half my basil. I am chopping it and packing it on olive oil and freezing it for later use. I should be able to have pesto pasta this winter.


  1. You sure finished a bunch of spools already. The colors are looking great. Glad you found some scrap time.

  2. Congratulations for the good marks for you and the dogs :*) Your spool blocks are really cute and are going to make a colorful quilt! And hexies are always cute, no matter the color of course! But you've sure got some lovely oranges there :*)

  3. The spools are fun, it's neat to see them appear on different blogs. Years ago I made a quilt by paper-piecing and I swore I would never do one again, but I am weakening! It would be nice to have another project to be able to grab and take with me without taking a sewing machine.

  4. Loving your spools! I will probably start on those after I get my bow ties finished. Your hexagons are too cute, orange is one of my favorite colors.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  5. Love your spool blocks. You are making good use of your time in the sewing room.

  6. Your veggies look yummy. Frost hit us this week. Time to clean out the planters! I enjoyed my visit to your place.