Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scrap Saturday

I have added to my Poverty Piecing and got it machine quilted. I am planning a journal cover. While buying school supplies this week I also bought myself a new journal. It is very plain and needs jazzing up. I hope to finish this soon.

Today is a Scrappy Saturday over at Soscrappy. I have been working on more Turquoise/teal/aqua to finish up the month of Aug. I am out the door early for the day and did not know what the Sept colour would be in till minutes ago. It is Orange.

Bonnie Hunter set out a new leaders and ends challenge block on her Quiltville web site. I tried the spools out. They are 3" finished, so very very cute. A good size to use for my rainbow blocks.

While I was having too much fun with the little spool blocks and kitted up some more in the blues. I stopped to count them and had 13, not good. I made a few more. I just could not leave them at unlucky 13. 17 total.

I found out today about a Newfo. It is a new project that I have started this month. I thought I would go link up with the Newfo linky party over at Cat Patches. The spools are only a start but this is very much a new project.

I have more kitted up and in my basket next to my machine, waiting for leaders and enders. Later today when I am home I can cut up some orange and go add them into the basket. Another note I have very little 1 1/2" strips left in Blue. I made a real dent in the scraps.

A few more Hexagon flowers. I got 14 done, just could not leave it at 13 again.

The hay is in.
Here is my Super Dog Lex. Lex and I are off to a fair parade and Agility Demo in Lakedale, AB today. Then we have a family dinner.


  1. Those spools are super cute. Lots of teal and blue scraps got used up last month.

  2. So many pretty teal projects. I just love the little block with the 4 spools and scrappy border. My daughter just said - pretty doggie! I'm sure she'll be crawling around the house being a doggie for the rest of the day now! Have a great weekend.

  3. You've done a great job with your teal scraps! Your hexies are so sweet. And the spools are cute too. I need to go to Bonnie's site and check them out :*)

  4. Beautiful turquoise projects!!! I love this color.
    And Pretty orange scraps ready to go. This is going to be a good month : )

  5. I love these scrappy projects. Thanks for linking up!