Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quilt Till You Wilt

The Black Gold Quilt Guild had a great sewing day last Saturday. I have been so wildly busy and then was without  internet for a few days, so it was hard to find the time to show you what we did.

What do we do, we get together to sew on anything you wanted to work on. We have a brown bag lunch and a pot luck supper. I made a cucumber salad, hoping to use up some cucumbers. My mom made a poppy seed cake. We have no plan for our pot luck and there is this little worry that everyone will bring desert but it never happens.

We had door prizes. I won the magazine and a new fancy set of tweezers.

There was one nice old machine working hard.

The old machine worked on this quilt for the day. Near dinner time it came close to being done. I think this was a quilt pattern from a resent scrap magazine, not sure of the name.

There was some machine quilting going on. A small quilt for a little girl.

Some art thread work was going on in the back corner.


  1. I did have a productive Saturday too- I got three twin sized quilts squared and bound. I also bound a baby wrap. The quilts are finished except for labels. That is this weekend's project.
    It is fun to do a quilt to you wilt!
    I have one of those feather weight babies- I just got it this summer from a friend who no longer wanted it. I love it - It sews beautifully and is easy to use. Have a great weekend.
    Warmest regards,

  2. Sounds like there was lots of quiltin' and very little wiltin'! I'm sure your salad was a hit. Does the recipe work well for zucchini too? ;)