Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have jumped on the bandwagon and started the Block of the week with Barbara Branckmen at Grandmother's Choice. The blocks are based on the suffragists, so the name Grandmother's Choice is so fitting. I am not following any of their colour choices but making up my own. The first block I have made is the 8" block which is given on the Monday's Post

I then challenged myself to see if I could do the math and make a 4" block. Oops I lost my points on the red squares. I may have not calculated the little background triangles correctly. While then I looked into Block Base, a software that goes with Barbara's book Encyclopaedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I have now added the software to my birthday wish list. My birthday is later this month. I love her book and with block base I would have some patterns and sizes to with the book. 

See how much smaller the four inch block is. Really too small.
I have linked this post up with Freshly Pieced Wip-Wednesday

Here are the fabrics I have picked out to use. I see she has a part on yardage that I need to go check out. I need more green if I am going to use it. I like the shade I have picked out but the one is a small piece and the other fabric is bad quality and I do not want to use it. I hope I can find something else to go with it.

Tuesday was back to school for my boys. I have gotten photos of them on their first day of school for years. This year they are being turkeys.

I am ready for my talk tonight in Leduc at the guild meeting. Got quilts packed, my hand out done and a few boxes of blocks and scraps to show what I do with my scrapes.


  1. Love the cheddar and red block.

  2. Yay!!!! I'm glad you decided to play along!! I love your colour choices.

  3. Your blocks are great - that 4" one is ADORABLE! No, there is no such thing as too small :-) Have fun at guild meeting!

  4. Glad you joined in. Your blocks look great.4 inches is small..... I went with 5 inch unfinished to fit in with my midgets.