Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pin Wheels Dance

I have the house to myself again, school started back today. I am back to a normal work week and thought I would show you a customers quilt today.  I have another one of these to do but in very different colours. They are two friends. I love how it has come out. I have started the second one but it is a much darker quilt and will not show off the quilting the same way.

The quilting really shows up well on the soft colours.

I have done a free motion pattern I call spirals and flames on the outer area and outer pin-wheels. I thought they went well together.

If you live near Leduc Alberta, I am the speaker at the Leduc Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow. I will be speaking on scraps storage and and scrap quilts. The meeting starts at 7:15pm but you should show up a little earlier to sign in and find a seat. Hope to see some of your there. Email me if you need more information.

I must go finish my hand out now!


  1. Enjoy your speaking engagement. Sounds like a lot of tun. The swirly flame is a nice pattern.

  2. Cute quilt and I love how your quilting really enhances the spinning motion of the blocks - very cool! Have a great time tonight at your guild meeting-I'm sure it will be fun!