Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Finished It

I got the quilt top done for my Spider Web Quilt. I love it. So glad to see it as a quilt top, one goal done for September. I have to make a backing and get it quilted but that may not happen soon. I may quilt it over the Christmas holidays. I got the best photo on my old jump set high. There was more wind then I thought today. To see more about what I did on this quilt check The Link. This quilt top measures 108" by 96" and the quilt is planned for our bed.

This was the best I got on the old hay rack.

Then the next shot this happened. The wind blew it right off and on to the ground. OK guess I am done with hay rack shots in today's wind.

I also got this journal cover done. It uses a piece of the Poverty Piecing I had made last month.

Here is the inside. I have a zippier and pocket so I can put pens or what ever in the pocket.

I have some fabric swatches for my Grandmother's choice block of the week. I am using this book for near the computer and writing things down. My Grandmother always had a little book to write base ball scores and stats down and now my mom and I have a little book. I must be getting old.

Today the Creative Stitches Show was happening. I did a little shopping. I found more of the bright green I was looking for to use in my Grandmother's choice. More orange too. The Indigo Blue is a linen and cotton fabric that I bought. I was thinking of giving it to someone but I may have trouble parting with it. I got a book on Featherweight machines. I have one and want to know more about them. The ribbon or twill tape is a measure tape twill. It looked like I needed some. Not sure what I will use it for. 


  1. Your spider web top is amazing, Cathy! Thanks for sharing all your goodies today and for linking up to Friday Felicities!

  2. That spider web is beautiful! The weather can be challenging when doing photo's. I am too chicken to do mine outside but I really need to start doing that. Your journal cover is so cute - I love blue! Love your little shopping purchases. The batiks on top are awesome.

  3. Beautiful finish on your spiderweb top! I got a smile reading about your notebook. My grandmother kept a notebook where she wrote done what the weather was like each day and any someone visiting. I just started doing that too! And she would keep them for years and look back on them.

  4. Oh my, what a fabulous quilt top!! I love the way the background color works - very cool! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Wow! Are you ever self-controlled!! I came home with over $100 worth of goodies from the Creative Stitches show. All of it was necessary, of course. I love the twill tape - kinda jealous. Your spiderweb is amazeballs. PS I linked to you from my blog today.

  6. Nice spider quilt. Your journal is great... nifty idea.

  7. Beautiful quilt and isn't it fun taking photos of quilts outside! Great job! Love the journal cover too! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday