Saturday, November 25, 2017

Scrap Saturday

I still needed some 6 1/2" Brown sampler blocks. I got all nine done this week. I used patterns mostly from the Canada 150 blocks from Next step designs. I just grabbed which ever felt like I could do with the scrap in front of me. 

I really like this little bow tie block. I still have one brown lantern block left to do. It is cut out just waiting to be sewn. I also have a ton of black blocks still to do. Well maybe this next week I can work on more. I have added this post to Soscrappy

I am working on On Ringo Lake, The next Bonnie Hunter Mystery. Step 1 just came out Friday morning. I got to do a little bit yesterday. The first step used 1 1/2" strips and Look what I found, All these strips came out of my scrap bins. I had done some cleaning last week and unearthed a ton of neutral 1 1/2: strips. I had some left over turquoise and I had a few browns. It was like it was meant to be. 

This is how far I got yesterday. I will finish them up today. 

 I also got my teal or aqua scraps done for the Checkerboard Rail Fence Leaders and Enders. Not sure I will do any other colours. I might be done blocks. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Photo Journal

Carriage in the Snow

I think I will take some photos and post on my blog. I like to keep my blog very quilt filled but maybe some of my photos will become a quilt someday. Or maybe the colours will inspire a quilt. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday Nov 20th

This is what is on my Design Wall today. Purple checker board rail fence. The rail fence is a leaders and ends Challenge by Bonnie Hunter 

I have so many great purple scraps. It is a big box for me. 

You can also go see the other Design Walls and also Make it Monday 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Chocolate Goodness

Look at all the great chocolate goodness I have used. And it is all calorie free. I used a stack of brown scraps and made long strip sets. 

I then cut out my units and got 4 Honey Comb blocks done. I have both Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate blocks now. 

I have been looking around to see which quilt blocks I might do next year. 

Near the bottom and just to the left of center is the Hershey kiss fabric. Also to the right is the truffle chocolates too.  

I had the strips done back in Oct but did not get the blocks done on time. Orange was the colour for October so I am a little late. Most important is they got done.

The darker orange fabrics for this block. 

The lighter orange fabrics for this block. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I have some lime green rail fence checkerboard blocks done. Green and lime are two different colours in my stash. I have a scrap box just for lime green. I once did a quilt where the back ground was lime. I got started on the rail fence checkerboard blocks after being inspired by Bonnie Hunters and her leaders and ender challenge. Go check out her post about the rail fence challenge. 

I needed a gift to give away so I got a good start with my selvages. I think I will keep going and make some for myself. I have used the heat resistant silver fabric and plan these to be hot mats. They still need a binding. 

I have added this post to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, and Make it Monday

Saturday, November 11, 2017

November Scraps

For some years now I have been working on my scraps by following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at Soscrappy. This month we are to work on Dark colours like Brown, Black and any colours that we might have missed. I have played with the smaller bits and pieces in my brown box and got these 9 Poverty Pieced blocks done. I know many of you call them crumbs but I first heard them called Poverty Piecing. 

I love looking back at the many different fabrics that show up in these blocks. Someday I will have a great quilt. Just not sure I am ready to stop, yet. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy link up. 

They are trimmed to 6 1/2" square. 

Next up I worked on my Green rail fence blocks. I started the rail fence blocks this summer after Bonnie Hunter gave out the Leaders and Ender challenge, Checkerboard Rails. The colour Green was from May and the rail challenge was not out yet. So kind of a catch up block. 

I love how these look. I have shaded the light to dark colours and it makes them look 3D. I have the Blues done and the pink done so far too. I hope to work on Lime next. Yes, Lime has it's own box in my house. 
Me and the dog have the house to our-self's today. So I plan to sew all day long and maybe a walk in the snow. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dog Beds

I have had some fabric donated to me and thought one of the best uses would be dog beds. A few years back the Edmonton Quilters guild donated some to the Edmonton Humane Society. I got 4 done in total so far. The Red and green fabric was pre-quilted fabric. A friend thought I might be able to use it. I said sure dog beds. The cream fabric is from Quincy's Quilting in Leduc. They donate fabric to us quilters to make charity projects. Dog beds is one of the causes. I know the Edmonton Humane Society wanted all beds to be wash able and that they would dry quick, so not thick. Some are used on dog table type beds to add a little more softens to them. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Adam's Plaid Quilt

2 weeks ago, I was at Retreat. I took my box with the parts for Adam's quilt. I worked on it for most of the weekend. Now that I am home I was able to get some of the parts up on the Design Wall. Not too bad. I still have lots of units to made but it is coming a long nicely. 

I cleaned up the end a little. I think I will put these parts on and then just chop off the extra. 

You can go see many more Design walls over at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts. I have added this post to Make it Monday.

Bonnie Hunter Mystery will start later this month. She released the fabric requirements. I have picked out a few fabrics from my stash. I really do not need to buy a thing. I have more then enough of all the colours. I have a few coral pinks but I think I will use a few pink pinks. I love that it will have Browns and Turquoise, they are so pretty together. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Scrappy Snowy Saturday

November in my part of the world is very white outside, a good time to stay in and sew. Saturday scraps for November are to be Dark Brown or Black. I am a little behind and I did some more work on my Pink scraps from last month. I had a little stack of bits of pink laying around so I made some poverty piecing blocks, 6 1/2" square. These are fun when you are in the mood to make them. 

I had been working on my Honey comb blocks but was just not done enough last week to show them off. To see more of my Honey Comb blocks look here.  I found the pattern for this block Here.

So I got 6 block done in pink. I have a few different shades of pink. This was fun. 

While more poverty piecing got done this week. I had a few other little stacks of scraps and was in the mood for more, so they got sewn up, Pink, Lime, and some Blue. 

Here is the whole design wall. 

This will get linked up to Socrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. 

I have started to sort in my brown box for fabric I can use for Brown honey comb Blocks. I know I'll have another scrap block or 2 to work on in Brown. Then maybe later in the month I will look at the black box of scraps.