Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Gifts

I can only show a little bit of what I have done for gifts. First was the Leduc guild Christmas party and gift exchange. We were to exchange some kind of bag. I wanted to use some fabric I had dyed this fabric,

And I want to use it. It was a little bigger then a fat quarter so my bag can not be too big. I made these square bags or totes. 

I had enough to make a mini square one too. I was happy how they turned out. I think the lady that got them liked them. 
Oh I forgot to take a photo of the great little bag I got in return. 

This pretty blue fabric is part of a Christmas gift. Not telling any more then that. I have taken photos of what I made so maybe next week I can show you. I have all my gifts finished but not wrapped yet. 

I did not get my tree skirt done. Maybe next year, or maybe aim for the guild quilt show in October then it will be done for next Christmas.