Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scrap Saturday Turquoise

Blue Improve blocks made with Hand dyed fabric

I got a little done on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 this week.  I started with two blue 12" squares, maybe not what some would call scrap but they were not yardage size. I would cut and cut a double line through both squares then sew then together with the opposite fine line inserted. They are a little less than  10" now but I like them. Not sure what I will do with them.

To see what the others have been doing for the RBSC 2012 go see the links at Socrappy.

I also got some poverty piecing done with my light blues and turquoise scraps. You can see some of the pieces were very small. I made this one with a better straight edge then some of the others. 

Here are some of the other Poverty Piecing I have done the last couple of months. I really do not have a plan for these. Not sure what will come of them. It is a bit like free fabric because they are some of the smallest bits and what else would you do with it.

To see more on what I have been working on for the RBSC 2012 over the months check out Scrap Saturday.


  1. There is a freedom in poverty piecing. You can do anything with free fabric and feel good about it. I like the experimental blocks as well -- quite striking.

  2. The 12" square piecing technique looks interesting. I like idea of swapping the colors. Another idea to add to the "to do" list!

  3. Very unique blocks, I have never heard of poverty piecing,looks like tiny, tiny scraps. Would they be large enough to make into a small bag?

  4. I really like the fractured look of your new blocks. I am interested to see how you use them.

  5. Beautiful work Kathy! I keep saying I'm going to try one! Your Poverty Piecing is wonderful too!

  6. Your improv blocks are so pretty! Some gorgeous fabrics in them :) I really must try this some day. Your two improved blocks look like an interesting technique to try out. If you had a couple more you could make a table runner.. or just make pillows with the two you've done or front and back of a journal cover... just suggestions ;))