Friday, April 30, 2021

Dyed Yarn

Pansies I love them. How could I not dye some yarn to look like Pansies. I love this yarn. I have used a sock yarn base with some nylon in the yarn. I love all the purples I got in there. Then the shots of yellow and pink. 

I have done it into a cake already. This might have to be knitted in to socks soon. 

I did this sock yarn too. I kept the repeat a little shorter on this one. I kind of hope the purple might join up when done in socks. We will see. 

Now this one is not easy to wrap. It should give me strips in the three colour families. The pink will be repeated between the blue and green. It will be fun to see how it goes. I wish I had kept track of how many repeats are in the one ball. 

Also caked up to start anytime now. 

I got swishy mail yesterday! My yarn for dying has arrived. I am not sure what I will dye next but I am thinking more flower colours. 

Inspiration can be found! I might have to take more photos this year.  

Look at the dahlias. I had to buy one of these. Kind of wish I could have a whole garden of them. We will see how it does. About 10 years ago I planted some Dahlias and the bugs yuck. I had crazy black aphid things all over them.  I hope they do not show up again. We will see. 

Here is my dad also picking out some dahlias for his pots. This is the Best! the first day at the green house! I love that my dad and I got do this together.  Turns out last year the 29th of April was also our first day to the green house. It was after 6 weeks of lock down because of Covid. And we still live this covid lockdowns. Not much has changed except we have found a few better ways to live. I got one vaccine so far. 
Stay safe! 

To Garden is to have Hope! 

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