Friday, April 23, 2021

Mini Iron Bags


Here is a set of bags I have made. I love this colour works line of fabric by Northcott fabrics. I have a far bit of it and a few others to go with it. 
Well this past fall I found a pattern for a mini bag patter, the bag on the left.
I found this pattern at Lillyella mini maker case sew-along/ A Facebook friend had made one and I found the link with her help. 

Here is the iron in the case. In the photo I still have to sew down the inner lining by hand.  

On it's own.

I could not stop and picked out fabric for a second bag. This time my sea themed Batik fabrics. 

My finished bag! 

The inside with the lining sewn down. 

I added a new feature on this bag. I zipper tab on both end of the zipper. II could not open the zipper well and this helps. 

I have one more to finish. I better get it done too.  


  1. Cathy, these are so nice! Could be used for other items, cosmetics for travel and all sorts of stuff. I'd love to make some...!

  2. Cute cute bags.. perfect set too..

  3. Love this project! Thanks for sharing the link.