Thursday, April 29, 2021

Green Socks


I got another pair of hand knit sock done. This pair I tried out more knit 2 purl 2 and did it all the way down the front of the foot. They ended up kind of narrow for my feet. So Angelia. my son's girlfriend, got the socks. She was pretty pleased. They look great pulled up over her leggings.   

My plan was to wear them with the top turned down for the summer. Or you can pull them all the way up. I love the bands of yellow and darker green that came out. 
This is pair # 9 finished this year! I am on a roll! 

Here was the yarn after dyeing twice. The first round of dye was Easter egg tables, but it was kind of boring. So in the pot it went again. that is when I added the darker green, mostly by adding blue dye over the paler greens. I did leave a bit of that nice lime green. The blue was sprinkled on touch with dry dye. so very spotty. But I love how it knit up. 

The yarn base was Diamond Select Footsie yarn. 

Here is the yarn all in a cake. So you can see I had hope it would look better. 

Yes I have started another pair! You will have to wait to see what is next! 


  1. Didn't you just dye that yarn and the socks are already finished? Wait! Do you sleep? lol. They look real comfy! Great job. ;^)

  2. Those are oh so pretty! I need to find my knitting needles and attempt socks again sometime.