Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ugly Green Yarn


I did some over dying yarn the other day. 

I hand done this sock yarn, with Easter egg dyes and did not like what I had.

So Over dying to help out. 

I added bight blue and some National Blue in speckles. maybe some other green too. I just played with the colours. Well I am not sure I like it now either. 

But Wait

I then put it in to a ball. Wow it changed so much. I think I like it now. this is closer to how it will knit up and it looks pretty good now. Sometime Over dying is the best thing to do. No more sappy weak green. Now just bright bolder colours. 


  1. LOL! I was touch and go that the over-dye was an improvement, but once you got it into a yarn cake -- WOW! It has great potential!

  2. Glad you persisted. Sometimes ugly really is like the ugly duckling story... a little time and some coaxing and it turns out great. I like that wrapped too, and this encourages me to persist with some uglies of my own, not yarn, but we all have a few!!