Friday, May 7, 2021

Dyed Yarn


So this sock yarn is a self stripping yarn. It was a bit hard to plan what I wanted. It might be a nightmare to sort into a ball. I hope it did not tangle to much. I have many many cotton strings to help keep it sorted. I like using cotton because I can see it. Cotton does not dye well with the acid dyes I use on the wool. 

I tried speckles. Well not really happy with it. It is a different yarn and is kind of sparkly like. The undyed parts got very very white as I washed it. It Asperitas from Knomad and has 50% recycled wool and 50% Tencel. 
I am thinking I might over dye this and hope it works better. More dye can help these wimpy colours. 

This set of minis was also Asperitas and turned out great. It takes the dye well but the speckles do spread. On this set it all works well but not on the white one above. 

My order from Knomad, so much fun! 

I hope to do some more dying maybe even today. 

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  1. I like the one you're thinking of over-dyeing. I can't see any sparkles in the photo; that said, I love the subtlety of the colours. Just a thought...