Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stitching Olympics

I have some special fabrics that are from Japan or inspired by Japanese culture. The blue indigo fabrics are dyed by me in a vat. I hand stitched a resist pattern in them and dyed them. The red print was from Japan, I won a pack at the Edmonton guild years ago. Well I needed to stop saving them and make good use of them.  

I like watching the Olympics each evening with my husband. I like to keep my hand busy with something, so hand stitching it is for now. I plan to use my new stitched fabric to make a bag. I think I might put a handle on the bag and use it as a hand bag. 

I have linked up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Hello There! You blocks are lovely! This weekend I went to a quilt show and was pleasantly surprised to see so many hand pieced/quilted entries! They were STUNNING to say the least! I think I may be becoming a "hand stitch" snob as the other quilts, as gorgeous as they were, just didn't sing to me as the hand stitched/quilted ones. I so admire those who have the skill set to create such beautiful works of art. Thank you for sharing!

  2. How fun to work on fabric you dyed yourself. A little boro stitching planned?

  3. I am very impressed by your work and the fact that you dye your own fabric . . . you go girl . . . that's brilliant :) I am your newest follower.
    Happy quilting!
    Connie :)